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Pocket Apocalypse ( InCryptids 4) by Seanan McGuire

Hello to all,

 While my Country is celebrating his national day i opted to take some much needed time to read but it doesn't mean that i'm forgetting you. With the heat wave that hit us earlier this week i couldn't come online to share with you my opinion on a book but here it is, delayed but online.

Today i sharing with you my opinion the next book in the InCryptids series as i couldn't wait any longer... i love this series ans even if it's not my favourite character this time i couldn't miss it

Happy reading
Publisher: DAW
Publication: 2015
ISBN:  0756408121
Genre: urban fantasy
Violence: strong

Language: mild
sex: none ( allusion only)
Public: 16+
Source: gifted ( thanks Amber!)

Description from goodreads :

 Endangered, adjective: Threatened with extinction or immediate harm.
Australia, noun: A good place to become endangered.

Alexander Price has survived gorgons, basilisks, and his own family—no small feat, considering that his family includes two telepaths, a reanimated corpse, and a colony of talking, pantheistic mice. Still, he’s starting to feel like he’s got the hang of things…at least until his girlfriend, Shelby Tanner, shows up asking pointed questions about werewolves and the state of his passport. From there, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump to Australia, a continent filled with new challenges, new dangers, and yes, rival cryptozoologists who don’t like their “visiting expert” very much.

Australia is a cryptozoologist’s dream, filled with unique species and unique challenges. Unfortunately, it’s also filled with Shelby’s family, who aren’t delighted by the length of her stay in America. And then there are the werewolves to consider: infected killing machines who would like nothing more than to claim the continent as their own. The continent which currently includes Alex.

Survival is hard enough when you’re on familiar ground. Alex Price is very far from home, but there’s one thing he knows for sure: he’s not going down without a fight

My opinion:
          Alex sure has a busy life especially since he met Shelby but while i've warmed up to him  he still  is far behind Verity in my favourite list . In this story i discovered how loyal ( that runs in the family) and determined he can be...the way he go against his worst fear is admirable but...i'm still not liking some of his decision.. i don't know, i find that there is less humour when he is fact there was even one moment i was on the verge of crying ( could have strangled him then).

I did love to see Shelby family and i sure hope she will want to stay with Alex family instead....hers is sure too biased in my opinion to be good crytozoologists even if Australia does look like a wonderful place to study. The story was well written but i guessed the culprit too easily for my tastes even if Seanan managed as always to keep my interest, i do regret the lack of info about the local cryptid, some are cited but Alex doesn't described them as much as he could have.

This is a good instalment in the series but i'm really glad to change the main character once again ^^

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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  1. Ah ça y est? Bientot Verity! il était très sympa aussi celui d'apres

    1. je sais et encore meilleur avec la nouvelle gratuite juste avant^^