dimanche 13 mai 2012

Books' providers , Thanks you!

Happy Mothers Day!!

 I hope all of you had a great weekend, for me this sunday was magical. After enjoying a first sunny day  and a walk with my mother to a special flowers market held for Mothers'day, i was thinking how to share the books i receive, win or borrow with you. While gardening, i thought about doing my own kind of post but how to call it. Great question, at first about something with postman but it's not always the postman that enters in consideration if i wanted to had the ones i bought or borrow from the library.

I also wanted to say "thanks  you" to the people who made this possible: blog owners that made a giveaway, publishers that sent book for review and yes even the shop owner or the library woman for having the book(s) i wanted. So here is my first Books' providers, Thanks you!
I'm not sure how frequent this will be because there are weeks when i receive absolutely nothing, so it will depend. This week though was really a great one for me , there are month i get less than this so*happy*

First the biggest surprise of the week because i wasn't informed i was going to receive it so it was completly unexpected and i admit i'm not even sure how i got it but THANKS you to all responsible who made this happened ,with least Lisa Devette from Sourcebooks. When the man from fedex came i couldn't believe it and i jumped everywhere . I will review it soon but i waiting for book one to arrive so soon, really soon.
 Untouched by Sara Humphreys

And next, some i knew i was going to receive but when was the question. ( Some were really quick and that was a great surprise)

 Sins of the Son by Linda Poitevin. Persistence paid off, i followed all the blog tour for this opportunity.  I'm so happy. Thank you a lot to Anthony and Linda for the contest.

 Under the Moon by Natalie Danschroder, thanks to Carla from Book Monsters Review

 The Duke's Perfect Wife by Jennifer Ashley, thanks to Aislynn from Stitch Read and Cook won from her birthday's contest.

Good week to everyone

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