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Storm Force Episode 4 by Susannah Sandlin ( review and discussion)


 Welcome to my review/discussion post about the new episode of Sorm Force by Susannah Sandlin. The story is moving fast and will keep you edgy this week but Susannah promised us even more in an interview she did last week ( you can find the link on her blog) so join us in experiencing this paranormal  romantic thriller released as a serial.
I will first give you my opinion on the new episode , trying to avoid spoiler which is becoming harder and harder ^^;;, then we have the questions that can be answered even without having read the book, a little difference is that this time i will start the dicussion a little.

So First i will remind you that the kindle price is only 1,99 dollars at the moment and with that you will get all the episodes already released and the new one as soon as it is without additional cost.  With the newest schedule it means the book will be completed in May but for the print edition, and audo etc you will have to wait until July when it will be released  and at that time the kindle price will also go up so let you be tempted.

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               Episode 4: Kell and Mori are on the run and they must find a secure place to speak.  It’s time for the Ranger to see where his loyalties lie and who he can trust. He is glad for his teammates’ support despite the strange circumstances. Mori couldn’t imagine Kell keeping secret from her as she is doing, with her life on the line she wants to trust him but he is only human. In hope to protect him, she decide to act alone, never imagining it could get worse than her worst nightmare 

My opinion:
          I loved this chapter that kept me quite anxious for the characters, one moment I was grinning the next I wanted to cry, to slap some sense in Mori. This chapter was really a storm for my feelings and I really couldn’t guess what to expect next. The tension is also reaching some tops.
Kell doesn’t really know why he is taking all these risks to help Mori but he feels he must do something. Conscious of the risks, he doesn’t want to include his team but his partners don’t leave him any choice, they are a team even in the worst moment. Kell didn’t think, Robin could act like that and he is surprised but happy of discovering the loyalty his team is showing.  However, the biggest problem at the moment is to keep Mori from fleeing from him and to get some info from her. He wants her to trust him and to trust her but he knows that the secrets he kept from her can be an hindrance to achieve that goal and the secrets she is keeping are not helping.

When Mori discovers that Kell lied or at least kept secrets from her she is hurt but having done the same she can’t really blame him. Now she wants the truths and along the way she must recognise some of her feelings and expectations she was blinding herself to.  Destabilised, she reveals some things to Kell but don’t open completely, seeing hurting she think she can do better alone but she never really knew Michael and didn’t think he could be as bad as he start to reveal himself to be. I didn’t understand how she could go back to him after he hit her… really he is evil, he showed it in his office and she believe she can  do something…. She never thought he could be manipulating everything…. I so wanted to slap her for not trusting Kell. She knew he has a team but she didn’t wait to see if it was a special one, if they would have enough power to help her no she just decided to protect being the stronger of the two… that’s an alpha attitude same as Kell wanting to protect her as well as his team…I really don’t see Michael as a alpha just a psycho maniac evil -_- .

This episode is terribly well written as we are deep in the romantic thriller part. I really recommend you try this serial

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: Source: a copy in exchange for an honest review, no other compensation was received .All opinions are my own 


1)       Could you sacrifice your happiness in the name of some family obligations? Do you think it’s something positive sometimes or never to be done?
“ I don’t think about obligations as big as the one Mori has but we are all confronted to things we have to do or imposed to do that don’t make us happy. I remember as a child my father imposed me to keep contact with my godmother meaning that around twice a year we had to go to visit them and I had to accompany them despite my protest. My father thought he was doing well but those moments were really hard for me with the little hateful remark and such .. when I was back home I was really in a bad shape, crying, angry and I isolated myself. It didn’t make me happy at all but it was for family and it was imposed since I was little… as soon as I was old enough for my father to accept my decision, which never changed, I stopped going.
Another time, when I was older my father started to be quite ill and I decided to arrange my study schedule to have more time at home then when the situation got worse I put my studies on hold. My father didn’t ask for this, quite the opposite, but I felt like I had to so I could give more time to my father and mother. I could do the shopping so she could stay with him, I prepared the meal, took care of the house when she was visiting him at the hospital etc…
 In comparison the moment at my godmother house were not as difficult or as painful for me as seeing my father in that state but the difference is that for the second I choose to do it and now I’m happy I could have at least helped a little (even if that time my happiness was non existent and my life like suspended) So for my part I don’t think imposing it it’s fair or can have positive result, when it’s your decision it can be different but we all deserve happiness. “
2)       In a relationship, can the people keep secrets from each other? Are all truths good to say?
            “ … I think there is a difference between telling lies and keeping secret…. I don’t know if the second is really better but sometimes you need the trust before sharing the secret…”

So what do you think? Did you decide to buy the kindle since the serial has started? Don't hesitate to comment and participate with us.

 until next week for Episode 5

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  1. Just a reminder that the Kindle software can be loaded on your P.C. for free for those who don't have a Kindle. I used that for a year or two before my kids bought me a Kindle as a gift. Still prefer the print copy but several things I wanted were for the e-readers only. Really enjoying Storm Force. Finished Episode 4 yesterday. What a cliffhanger it is! Secrets, Oh yes, as long as they are innocent. Sometimes the truth just needs to take a back seat.

    1. unfortunately Roger the application doesn't work on all computers but for those who can yes it can be a solution^^

      yes i know a cliffhanger but i'm slowly getting used to them with the serial^^