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Storm Force Episode 6 by Susannah Sandlin ( review and discussion)

Hello to all,

Welcome to our weekly Storm force review and discussion! Episode 6 has been released and in a way it gives us a small reprieve, a really short one though. I can tell you I was nearly trembling when came the time to read this… after the  eventful and heartbreaking two last episodes with cliffhanger really hard I wasn’t sure what to expect just that I wanted to know more. No real cliffhanger this time, thanks god, I’m not sure my heart would have supported a new stressful ending in a row but not an happy end either (still 3 episodes to get it ^^ no despair)

 Now I do understand those of you who prefer to wait until the release of all chapters to start reading this book but remember if you want to do that, buying the ebook now for only 1,99 is a great offer and you will receive the new release without anything else to do (and all the precedents episodes of course). Once the serial is finished the price will go up. For those who don’t want digital edition, the book will be released in print and other format on June 18, mark the date on your calendar or pre order it already you won’t regret it.

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               Episode 6:Kell and is time have started the extraction/rescue mission, still  without the knowledge of their commander. Archer and Robin are at the first line while Kell and Nik take care of the system details…humans and shifters against shifters only…precision and time are needed because another threat is still hanging.

My opinion:
          This week my heart really did flip flop…while I was reassured to see each chapter ending at the right moment without tension or stress, I really felt like a member of the team with some pressure on my shoulder to make everything right….with some angst moments necessary since it’s a kind of thriller after all but also happy one, romance let’s not forget it … action and crushing, devastating news.

Mori is starting to loose hope and to fall ill from infection when she manages to communicate a little with Robin to prepare her rescue. While she is happy about that, she is also curious and a little afraid when she understands that she doesn’t know who are the shifters helping her, she is thinking about Kell but not having taken the time to discuss with him she has no idea who is team-mates are.

I really liked to see more of Archer in this chapter, he is really capable. However that’s Robin that surprised me the most, in a way she acted quite maternal with Mori, calming her, confiding in her and encouraging the little dire wolf. So far we had see her sense of humour and a little of her job but this time we have large moment with her and we can see what’s under the “military” part of our eagle. I’m also really curious about what Nik saw… 

We also get some new about the governor and what is happening in the city when we also get some info on the New Orleans part of the mission and the rest of the team Gadget and Adam. …. Let just say I do hope there was a little misunderstanding? Some confusion, disappearance anything but not what we learn here!! Because even if we just heard about those, I already like them and care for them ….

Time is becoming and issue and the weather could complicates things but our friends are really determined and if  they can’t prove what Michael has done, they still want revenge and deliver justice….even more after Mori’s confession.

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


1)       Have you already gotten attached to a character that was just cited, spoke of but that didn’t appear in the book/story as of yet. Can you tell us something about him/her, what caught your interest?
2)       Since we are at 2/3 of the book so far what aspect do you prefer the action, the romance or the suspense, the thriller part or how Susannah manages to put them together? What makes your heart beats faster^^

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  1. I had to wait awhile while I charged my Kindle. Dummy me! Not too much of a cliffhanger this time. Did finally get verification on what Mori is. I think the Colonel might be really upset with the whole crew for not talking to him. I like all aspects of the story, with the suspense and thriller parts tying it all together. Very excited to find out how the crew handles Michael. Only three more episodes to go.

    1. ^^ upset.... i think the colonel will explose..they will have their ears ringings for sure