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Storm Force Episode 5 by Susannah Sandlin ( review and discussion)


Welcome to our weekly Storm force review and discussion! Finally episode 5 has been released which comes right on time for those who follow the serials and have been suffering from the heartbreaking and anxious cliffhanger at the end of episode 4….one week was really too long to wait when it ends in such circumstances.

Now this week we get a wonderful new episode, but also another wonderful news…. For readers who want to get the print edition (like I do) the release as been moved to 18 June instead of July isn’t great?

So First i will remind you that the kindle price is only 1,99 dollars at the moment and with that you will get all the episodes already released and the new one as soon as it is without additional cost.  With the newest schedule it means the book will be completed in May but for the print edition, and audo etc you will have to wait until JUNE when it will be released  and at that time the kindle price will also go up so let you be tempted.

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               Episode 5:His team finds Kell handcuffed to the bed and the “ suspect” has disappeared but as they laugh a little about it, Mori nature is revealed.  At the same time Mori is suffering but pain is the least of her trouble now as reality of Michael‘s nature comes to lights. All her hopes to be able to change something disappear…as Michael threathens Kell and explain how the rest of her life will be like.
However Kell isn’t backing down and once the shock has passed with his team, without his superior’s knowledge, he starts to strategize how to help save Mori and how to counter Michael’s possible plan, when they discover that the situation is a lot worse that the one they envisioned.

My opinion:
          Arg!!! I’m biting my nails again!... and I will keep doing it as long as the serials continues it seems. Last episode ended with a cliffhanger on a hard moment after the tension went up a few notches but this time it’s even worse. Michael is so cruel and disgusting! He doesn’t want to win he wants to crush Mori and he dared to complain last time?! For me he has nothing of what an alpha need to have! He just a dictator! But I guess I’m even more angry at Leslie, we just learn about her, but the idea she could go with his plan, to accept such a situation, all the while being human?! I would hate her if it’s true!! She should team with Mori not planning to steal her children! And Michael has other evil plans, it’s not just Mori but he want to destroy a lot more…. I’m nearly sure he broke some laws with his actions to the governor, and I’m not thinking human laws but he is covering his tracks he is not only evil he is also a coward!

 We do have a revelation about Mori’s nature and that’s great. We also discover another Member of team Kell: Archer the feline shifter with a lot of charm. I appreciated to see Kell destabilised and at the same time being able to put his judgement in question and rethink his position. He wants to save Mori, it’s his own priority but he is able to see that his team is trying to help. He has a new view on the shifters on his team too but at the same time he is learning new this about shifters system and it’s not reassuring or pleasing to him. Not to me either, I can’t understand how Archer seems so calm about it like it’s just normal and nothing is wrong about it. In a way, I think Kell is in a similar situation than Mori… having to wait, bid his time until he can act and put that time to think about everything he has discovered but at least he is in better condition for it.

 I really dislike the idea Michael has on the women… and I can’t wait to see Robin  to prove him how wrong he was as for Mori… she needs to keep her mind and not make another mistake…she can’t trust him and even less submit to this dement! .. oki I’m even more angry at her parents….and I do hope the old alpha didn’t know about it ( arf Michael could have killed him with treachery  just to have his place it wouldn’t surprise me.)

Next chapter can’t come soon enough now, you really need to join us and discover this excellent book ( which makes honour to his “thriller” part) but  Susannah managed to make us laugh a little, to release a little of the tension with humour when his team discover Kell but then back to angst and psychological violence.. really it’s well done.

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


1)       Do you like to read books when in front of alpha male women are docile, submissive? Do you prefer a more equalitarian relation?
2)       For you which kind of torture is the worst physical or psychological?
3)       Can you share an embarrassing moment? 

 Don't be shy and don't hesitate to participate by answering one question or more.

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  1. For those of us following the serial we are now half way. We get just a little more tease as to what Mori is, yet we still wonder exactly what. Now we wait again until next Tuesday. This cliffhanger/tease is great fun [except for the wait]. If I had the paper book I would not stop here. Benedict is turning out to be a bigger bad guy than I first imagined. I do not like the women in stories to be docile or submissive and believe in an equal relationship. I think psychological torture to be the worse.

    1. yes half way and yet so little is know ^^ believe me if i had the paper book i would read it at once no break or anything ^^

      and we do share some commons ideas^^1) i don’t like submissive women…trophy women, yes the males could be stronger, faster etc but the women have their own talent. It’s a reason I’m not fan of the Black dagger brotherhood series because I find that the women there are too lame ( at least in the first book where I’m at the moment) I want they to fight in their way, to react not to stay home and obey. It’s for that I prefer Lara Adrian series where the women do their part, they express their opinion and they are not backing down when they are right. They have power and they use it not in hand to hand combat and such but they make themselves useful and not passive.
      2) Hum I think that psychological can be harder and more destructive, it’s more insidious too
      3) not really an embarrassing moment such as the one Kell has, but being a military it must be even harder for him^^

  2. I am not watching this series. Generally prefer books! I definitely do not like seeing females portrayed as inferior to an alpha male-at least one of the females had better be alpha as well or I won't be a happy camper!

    1. don't worry in this book ( because it's a book done done as a serials) the big villain wants her to be meek and docile but she is fighting him and the other female^^ i wouldn't dare to think her as docile, totally the oppsite, not alpha but strong and independent.

      i totally share your opinion ^^ when all teh female are docile i find the book irritating to say the least^^

      thank you for commenting

  3. I think psychological torture is the worst. You can die if the physical torture is too extreme. Once your mind is meesed up it stays with you the rest of your life.

    1. thank you a lot for participating with us Liz, i do understand your point of view and even psychological could kill in extreme situation it's more insidious