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Snow Bound by Larissa Ione

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                  To change a little from the paranormal romance including demon, today i offer you my opinion on a sport romance that really moved me but don't worry the paranormal will come back tomorrow. Enjoy "Snow Bound" by Larissa Ione.

Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Publication: 2008
ISBN:  1599988232
Genre: contemporary romance, sport romance
Violence: none

Language: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: won

Short description from goodreads :

 Passion hot enough to melt the slopesand their hearts. Thanks to a devastating medical diagnosis, ski patroller Sean Trenton has endured two years of celibacy. Two long years that have chipped away at his confidence. Now, with the career opportunity of a lifetime on the line, hes ready to remedy the celibacy situation, and sexy snowbunny Robyn Montgomery is just what the doctor ordered.

Unfortunately, the last thing reliable, intense radio station manager Robyn Montgomery wants in her suddenly turbulent professional and personal life is a thrill-seeking former Olympic skier-even if he is a total hottie. Shes had it with guys who hog the spotlight and leave her in the shadows. So why is it that even an icy blizzard cant temper the combustible heat between them?

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language.

My opinion:
          Fabulous… I took it first to past time but I devoured the book in less than an hour…. It’s really a wonderful story and I do recommend it… Larissa Ione has a wonderful written style, clear and easy but even more I was touched by the message in this story. It has steamy scene… really steamy one but for me it was mostly a sweet story about acceptance and trust.

Both main protagonists have trouble with self esteem…. Robyn because she was harassed during her childhood because she was obese and studious…she grew up, lost weight, got a good career however when it’s time for a reunion with her tormentor she wants to prove herself and is stressed to the point to be ill. So when her ex boyfriend and boss, Damon, cancel his participation to the auction she is organising there at the last minute, it’s the disaster for her even more when she see him there….and understand he is just using her and her contacts to have a interview  of importance.

Sean Trenton had it all… fame, success, money and groupie available for flings as soon as he wanted…but his dream of winning the gold medal at the Olympics crashed when he received terrible news… and had an accident nearly voluntarily. Now that his sport life is behind him and 2 years later he is healed…having a job as a skiing patroller and paramedic but that part of his life left sequels and Sean doubt himself, refusing to date a woman since he is maimed in his opinion. He is afraid of rejection, when his friend Todd encourages him to date again, he resist until he met Robyn…she is the total opposite of the women he dated in the past and worse she is not jumping on him ignoring his past fame. Worse, when she does learn about his past exploit she is even more determined to avoid Sean. Without realist why, the hot skier is even more determined to have her and to help her.
Now to be honest, if I do regret something in this book is that part about “fling”, one stand etc…for me sex is not a game and it must hold significance so I can’t assent to this attitude.. I do understand that Todd wants Sean’s happiness but urging him to have “ fun” instead of finding love isn’t something I approve of. I’m realistic and I do believe this behaviour to be common with celebrities and groupies but still… however Larissa Ione managed to make me forget about that during my reads. Immersed in the story, I enjoyed Robyn reservations but I was sad it was because of lack of self esteem and fear… Sean soon get really involved even if he doesn’t recognise it immediately. He is honest in his approach even if he is not telling her all the truth… and he does go against Damon, who I really dislike a lot, the horrible egoistical, abusive man.

Both of them are hurting and in love unfortunately their doubts and fears nearly destroyed their chance until they get stuck in a storm .. then… alone in the world they are about to open their heart about the source of their fear and I enjoyed this intimacy, the sweet approach and the acceptance that happen then… not everything is on the table yet but the story take another level.

It’s really a wonderful reads that I recommend if you are looking for a sweet romance with steamy part^^…and perhaps this book will make you love yourself a little more too as a bonus because none of us is perfect but each of us can be  deserving.

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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  1. OOoo Miki I am so getting this one!! I love Ione but haven't gotten this one yet but yay it sounds wonderful!! I'm with you on the one night stands vs sex meaning something. That bothers me about a number of books (the casual attitude towards it all). I'm glad she made it so you could forget that part. That's some great writing, right?

    Great review!

    1. It's my first book of Larissa but i do have others in my TBR pile which i want to read now after this one^^ really it was a great surprise ( uite the opposite with hardball thati'm still haven't fibnished and like less and less)

      i think you would really enjoy this one^^

  2. I love your review! I`m adding this book to my TBR right now :)I must admit I haven`t read nya of Ione`s books yet, maybe because I`m not keen on continuing series.

    I guess Bloglovin does work properly!

    1. thank you a lot maija, and don't worry this is a stand alone ( i prefer those to discover a author i haven't read before)