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Sins of The Angels ( Grigori Legacy 1) by Linda Poitevin


         To to follow up with my goal to discover more urban fantasy author and series, i've decided to try to alternate  not only the language, when possible, but also the kind or paranormal creatures.

Today i will share with you my opinion on a book i've tried to get for a long time with as its topic: angels! and next time...hum that's still a secret^^

Happy reading

Publisher: Ace
Publication: 2011
ISBN: 0441020917
Genre: Urban fantasy
Violence: strong

Language: mild
sex: very little (allusions)
Public: 18+
Source: RAK from Carien (thanks again!)

Short description from goodread :

 When homicide detective Alexandra Jarvis is assigned a new partner in Aramael, a Guardian Angel who doubles as a hit man, they have only one thing in common: a fallen angel hell-bent on triggering the apocalypse. Now they have no choice but to work together-relentlessly, fearlessly, intimately. Because only they can stop the rogue angel from ushering in the end of days.

My opinion:
          Linda Poitevin introduces us to a universe with its own mythology but also one easily believable and original. I admit I was a bit lost at first because  when I’m thinking about a big power is imagine it as a Him since it’s something I learned since I’m a child so when Linda writes it as a Her  I needed I little time to adjust. (Blame on the fact that most our beliefs come from patriarchal system I’m sure if it was one matriarchal this would seem perfectly normal too us) However it’s another universe so the reader must put what he/she know aside and let himself/ herself be driven by the story.

The intrigue is really well done and until the end of the book we can’t guess all that happened we can have some doubts but the motifs and such are a complete surprise.  The author started a world where angels aren’t all good or bad, they all have a mission, depending on their personality and powers they also have to follow a lot of rules. We are learning about their history when they speak about it between them and to Alex, a human or to be more exact a Naphil meaning a descendant of angel and human being. We get also an idea of their political system, their hierarchy but that part is still not perfectly clear at least to me. For example we have Aramael whose role is clear, understandable and his past well now and then appears Seph who has a special place in the heaven but about whom  we know nearly nothing as of yet.

The characters are extremely well built. Alexandra , Alex, Jarvis is a detective  working in the Homicide section all her personality and history  is the result of a big trauma she suffered in her childhood. It’s that past that makes her a wonderful and conscientious detective unfortunately it’s also one of the reasons who make her mistrust Aramael when he becomes her partner under the name of
Trent. She doesn’t want to acknowledge things she sees and feels, she is in a hard case of denial because that terrifies her. We can see who much the author admires and respect the police force in the way of the characters act during and aside the investigations. Alex is really professional and loves her job so when she has to put her fears aside to catch the culprit she does it and she can be really tenacious.
Aramael is a power, the kind of angel who fights the fallen ones and he has already suffered a lot in the past when he had to face his brother Caim. Now he must do it again when he is not in top shape and worse he has to hunt and protect in the same time, two missions difficult to be achieved together. What he wasn’t expecting was to start to have feelings, angels don’t have them, powers even less and never with a Nephilim but heaven has its mysteries and he will have to adjust if he wants to save Alex.

It’s really a good book and the end really surprised me. I wasn’t expecting that at all and I’m a bit disturbed by it ( I mean the One is really cruel, we saw she could be unfair and keep a grudge but that kind of manipulation?!) I’m curious about what will happen and would like to see the main goal and everything. I also hope Alex will be happy one day.

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review

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