vendredi 5 octobre 2012

First Blogoversary! What an Adventure!

Hello to all,

             this evening mark the first anniversary of Lecture toute une Aventure. It's started simply because one day, last year i decided to try to be less shy and share my opinion on the books i was reading...i was stalking the books blogger community before, following severals blogs and i really admired their passion, generosity and of course their work; suddenly i wasn't so alone anymore.

It hasn't been that easy and i had, and still have, some doubts but i'm still there and i'm not planning on giving up. I also have a lot of things to learn too but one great thing in this community is that we can help each other, share our knowledge  and learn and for that i'm really grateful. I will try to steadily improve and dare a bit more perhaps^^.

Anyway today i wanted to tell you a big thank you to you who are reading me, following me in a way or another,sharing with me.

Thank you to the authors who believed in me even if i have few members - special thank you to Suzanne Johnson and Grant Morris-
Thank you Stella ( from Ex-Libris) for helping me when i needed it,
Thank you Mary ( From Ramblings of a Daydreamers) your challenge was the first step i tried and i'm really glad you accepted short reviews even in my native language.
Thank you to all bloggers who have done a post about how to write review, make color boxes or any other kind of sharing knowledge ( too many to be mentioned personally^^)
Thank you to all reviewers who helped me make discoveries i wouldn't done without them ( a big thank to Amada from AL Davroe for the discovery of "the Ministry of peculiar Occurrences" )
Thank you to all reviewers and authors who open their giveaway to international ( that's really make me feel part of the community)

For the fans of numbers: in this year i made more than 100 reviews, got 47 gfc followers ( 20 on linky), participated in 8 challenges, i did one blogathon and one read thon, sent 26 RAK.
 I know these numbers are low in comparaison to some more popular blogs but for me those are more that what i expected so once again thank you for that!

I've tried to make a giveaway but after a few days nobody had entered so i decided to postpone it later (instead i will offer one more rak this month).

Thank you for this wonderful year ...and for the ones to come hopefully


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  1. Woohoo!!! We have the same bloggiversary date!! (or close enough!) How awesome is that?! CONGRATULATIONS!!

    Thx for visiting my blog today. I think I missed your email about a gift. Please do bother me again!! Have a GREAT DAY!! burgandyice(at)live(dot)com - laura

    1. i resent the email, thank you for your good wishes and yes it's great that we choose to start our blog at the same time^^ ( if we compare withe the hour difference it must be the same day somewhere after all^^)

    2. Good thinking! I bet you're right!

      Your email still isn't arriving. *sniff* I thought I was going crazy, but now I think hotmail is.

      Can you send again to my gmail acct? lauralootru(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Oh my goodness! Congrats on your blogoversary!! Keep up the fabulous work :D