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Gunmetal Magic (Kate Daniels World 1) by Ilona Andrews

    lastly i wanted to offer you my review of Gunmetal Magic, i book you have read a bit about if you did read my review of Magic Gifts ( here). So last creatures on today's menu are shifters, sorcerers and a special kind of vampires ( not sexy at all)

Ilona Andrews is on of my favorite author ( authors in fact since they are husband and wife writing under that name) and i absolutely love the  Kate Daniels'series so when i learned there was going to have a spin off i was happy and in the same time a bit hesitant...after all we can't be sure of a book without having read it and new series also means less kate Daniels books.

What i thought about it? You will have to read it ^^

Publisher: Ace
Publication: 2012
ISBN:  0425256138
Genre: urban fantasy, romance
Violence: mild
Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Short description from goodreads :

 The New York Times bestselling Kate Daniels novels have been hailed as “top-notch urban fantasy” (Monsters and Critics). Now, Ilona Andrews delves deeper into Kate’s world, and reveals its untold stories…

After being kicked out of the Order of the Knights of Merciful Aid, Andrea’s whole existence is in shambles. She tries to put herself back together by working for Cutting Edge, a small investigative firm owned by her best friend. When several shapeshifters working for Raphael Medrano—the male alpha of the Clan Bouda, and Andrea’s former lover—die unexpectedly at a dig site, Andrea is assigned to investigate. Now she must work with Raphael as her search for the killer leads into the secret underbelly of supernatural Atlanta. And dealing with her feelings for him might have to take a back seat to saving the world…

My opinion:
          Lovely! I was a bit afraid at first because I usually don’t like spin off but this one is really well done. First,  you need to know that you could read it as an stand alone without difficulties because the world is well described since the beginning however reading with the Kate Daniels’ books make it even better because the chronological events are so well respected. Gunmetal Magic takes place after Kate Daniels 5 “Magic Slays” and you get a new look on some of the events taking place in the others books  thanks to Andrea’s point of view.

This book is the story of Andrea, Kate’s friend, after she was excluded from the Order for being a shapeshifter, in fact she is a special kind of one a “beastkin” meaning that one of her parent was an animal that got infected and started to take a human form while a shapeshifter is a human taking an animal form.  That difference means that she had to keep her identity secret from the Pack, because in earlier times all beastkin were killed on sight, until a problem happened and Kate had to take her to the Pack to save her life.

Here we discover her past before Kate, before the order….we learn of her difficult childhood and her suffering. That gives us a better understanding of her psychology. It wasn’t really clear before why she was so opposed to join the Pack when it was offered to her; she kept rejecting her nature like it was something alien now we can easily why it was something difficult for her.

I love her relationship with Raphael, it’s spicy and funny ^^ both being really stubborn and dominant it’s a explosive mix. Raphael must learn to understand her too and to accept her completely not just an idea of her. He idolized her at one time and was hurt, for the first time things did not go like he wanted and that was disturbing for him. All a misunderstanding made things really difficult between them but as he is fierce in battle so he is in love and he won’t give up so easily one battle lost perhaps not the war ( and for him all is fair in love like in war too^^)

I really enjoyed this book but I still regret to have see so few of Kate, she seemed too subdued for my tastes , yes she is hurt and in love but I don’t see her letting so room to her friend when she knows she is hurting . Yes I got to see her, yes she did fight and yes she also played but it wasn’t really her. Andrea is the main character of this book yes but some amelioration could have been done to Kate, or perhaps we will get those thanks to a future Curran point of view and that would be awesome.

Really a wonderful book and great addition to all Ilona Andrews’ fans. If you like urban fantasy, romance, action with a big dose of Humour and mythology that’s the book for you

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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  1. I totally agree, lovely book! Like you I was afraid that it won't live up to Kate and Curran's story, but Andrea and Raphael can hold their own! Can't wait for me! ;)

  2. Réponses
    1. yes however from what ilona has said the next one won't be about andrea but about another character ( perhaps derek not sure yet)

  3. j'ai complétement adoré ce tome ! c'était rigolo de suivre Andrea. J'avoue que je me perdais un peu des fois ayant l'habitude de Kate mais c'était pas mal! Comment ne pas aimer du ilona Adrews de toute façon? impossible!