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Magic Gifts ( Kate Daniels 5.4) by Ilona Andrews

              i didn't take into consideration all the works and reading i've done earlier this month so for you it will mean a treat: 2 reviews per day,several times before the end of this month. Great no?
The first one today was in French but normally i will post all the other ones in English ( except if i manage to read more and review before the deadline^^)

Now it will be a smaller review because i've chosen a novella  from one of my favorite author: Ilona Andrews with a title more than appropriated " Magic Gifts"

Enjoy your treat ^^

Publisher: Ace
Publication: 2011
ISBN:  0373277210
Genre: urban fantasy
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 18+
Source: limited free ebook and bonus in Gunmetal Magic

Short description from goodreads :

 Available as FREE download from Ilona Andrews Website for 2 weeks from Christmas Day (2011), this novella takes place at the same time as Andrea’s book, right after MAGIC SLAYS, and the two stories intersect. MAGIC GIFTS will appear as a bonus in the back of GUNMETAL.

 A dinner date after a hard day at work sounds heavenly. Of course, when that date is between the Beast Lord and Kate Daniels, things don’t go as planned. Before you know it, undead are running amok, heads are being chopped off, lawyers are deployed and used with extereme prejudice, and drunk vikings are calling people out.

Read at your own risk.

My opinion:
          Wonderful!  I never have enough of Kate Daniels, I love this series and this novella fit perfectly in it.
At first this novella was offered for free during a small time for Christmas 2011, a wonderful gift for the fan and now in case you missed it it’s a bonus in Gunmetal Magic, spin off book so you can read it before gunmetal or after it doesn’t matter because both stories are happening at the same time and it’s true they intersect a lot.

I loved to find again Kate and her new mate Curran, their bickering is so fun and the action is never missing either. I appreciated it also because it explains a bit better the absence of Kate in Gunmetal (not why she is so subdued but at least where she was). Kate is adapting to her Consort role, she doesn’t like it but to be with Curran she will do it but when she must take position against and for the mercs she is not so fond of the idea and try to avoid the problem…poor Kate Jim is still as stubborn as ever and consort or not he want it’s peace.
But as often, what motive Kate is simpler: a child in danger and for that she even accepts to confront legend and death.

Ilona Andrews really manage to make us  follow this adventure like if we were there it was really a great gift to the fans to make us wait until the next Kate Daniels’ book.

You love romance, humour and action: this novella is perfect for you. Better if you read the series first but you can enjoy it as a stand alone too

Score:  4,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review

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