mercredi 14 novembre 2012

A new challenge, yes one more but only for the season

Hello to all,

 I was going to bed when i saw a new challenge starting today and i could not resist.... i'm really busy yes but since i was planning to read "holidays" books in December i couldn't resist and i'm signing up for the Holiday Reading Challenge 2012 hosted by Book Lovers inc.

It's an easy challenge where you can choose your level i will start with level 1 because i'm not sure how much time i will have and i will participate only in december ( but you can start already). For this challenge all "holiday" books count no matter the format or if the link to the holiday is little ( like in the cover only etc)

You can find all the informations and sign up here

So i'm starting with level 1 Santa's Helper meaning 1-3 holiday themed books  but i hope i will be able to move up the level ( it's autorized so don't hesitate)

As for which books.... i don't know yet so it will be a surprise the only title for sure is " Christmas in Dogtown" by Suzanne Johnson  i have it on my desk patiently waiting for the 1st december to be devored^^

Happy Reading!

4 commentaires:

  1. Yay! Glad to see you join the fun at BLI too Miki, good luck! :-D

  2. Have fun with the challenge, Miki! I'm looking forward to reading some Christmas books, too!

  3. Miki, I couldn't wait to read something by Suzanne. Have read Christmas in Dogtown and enjoyed the short story much. As I always do with her stories. Glad to be at your blog.

    1. i have too if i want to promote it at the best moment but it's hard, really hard ^^

      thank you for being here