dimanche 25 novembre 2012

I've been interviewed by Laura!

Hello to all,

        I still need to rest a lot but i'm better so i wanted to share with you the good news i told you about a few days ago.  Those of you who know me know that i'm quite shy, one of the reason i don't want to try to get awards, tag etc. But Laura from Colorimetry managed to get an interview out of me ( probably because i was unwell, tired and didn't think about it ^^;;;) oh i'm not regretting it at all but don't expect to get a lot more of them either^^.

For me it's important to express my thanks to the persons who were kind to me, month ago Laura did a giveaway and it was open for international if the shipping was under a certain amount... i wanted one of the book so i asked her if it was ok for the shipping to Belgium.
She is really busy and tried to get the info from the post office but didn't manage since the giveaway was closing she told me i could enter anyway and if i was selected then she would check if i qualify...Rafflecopter did select me but at that time she didn't make the connection until she had my address..she was so happy for me i was really touched so i decided to make her a small gift as soon as i got enough money...fates decided it happened when her blogoversary was near..a few days from mine so ina sort of double blogoversary event she interviewed me and there is a giveaway!!!

So if you want to win a handmade keychain or bookmark check the interview, you will perhaps learn one of two things about me^^;;

So here you go   Colorimetry: Miki's interview + giveaway

Thank you a lot once again Laura, and it was really a pleasure

ps: if you want some example of the gifts i did, you can check the RAK wrap up post, if the receiver gave me a picture, it's there

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