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A Mermaid’s Kiss (Daughters of Arianne 1) by Joey W. Hill

While discovering the erotic romance subgenre, i really didn't expect to find myself so deeply involved in a book , i opened it and couldn't close it even when i found myself crying torrents of tears... i had to be taken out of the room and the book taken from my hands so i could regroup a little and it took only one hour before i jumped back in the story for the last chapters.

This book was a marvellous discovery for me so highly recommend it but be cautious if you are as emotional as me. So it's with a real pleasure that i introduce you to A Mermaid's Kiss by Joey W. Hill ( and i was raked another book of this author , another series though,so i would be very happy to read it soon thank you once again Jana)

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Publisher: Berkley Sensation Trade
Publication: 2008
ISBN:  0425223809
Genre: erotic romance
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: won

Short description from goodreads :

The angelic Jonah has been battling the Dark Ones for centuries. But his noble spirit has begun to tire with the weight of war allowing a Dark One to strike a blow that severs his wings and knocks him into the sea.

Anna is a Daughter of Arianne -a direct descendant of the mermaid of legend. Anna’s longing for love compels her to risk her very life to protect and hide the fallen Jonah. And the longer Jonah delays his return to the heavens, the more Anna’s secret passions are tempted.

But as she falls more in love with him, Anna wonders if she’s destined to lose her heart and her dreams to save Jonah’s soul?

My opinion:
          Highly romantic and emotional, this is a wonderful adventure where the erotic part blends perfectly in the story. However better to say it now: keep a box of tissues at hand!!

I was immediately driven by the story written by Joey W. Hill, and the numerous erotic scenes didn’t bother me at all since they were so part of the tales and I was so immerse in it that at a time I became a really wreck, crying like a baby but not wanting to close the book. My mother had to take it from me so I managed a small break to stop crying and breath again….so yes I was completely utterly IN the story. So even if it could be seen as a small spoiler I think you deserve it to avoid the devastation I felt… yes there is an happy end but you need to get to it and the road will be long and painful but foremost so well written that you will be captivated.

It’s the second series where god is female and I’m getting used to it but in this one I think it’s really shown in an interesting way. I didn’t expect to feel so enthralled by an erotic romance so it was a wonderful surprise and discovery.  Anna is a passionate character, she is alone in the mermaid world, a stranger because of her ancestry and even with her legacy she choose to see the positive of things, she is able to enjoy a small wild flower while she knows she is fated to die young. She is living her life with hope.
Jonah is a warrior but he fought for so long he forgot the reason why, he became angry, bitter after the lost of too many of his men. While hurt and alone in the sea, he wish to die, to find a kind of peace until suddenly a warm comes to his aid and he can refuse it, he did expect to see a young mermaid at his side. At her side, the ancient angel is discovering the world in a new light despite the darkness growing in him…Anna is doing all she can to help him because she has faith in him, she believes in him and too often she can see right through him and say the world he longs to hear.

Anna is able to show so much acceptance and compassion, her friendship with Mina is a good example. Mina is an outcast in the same way but Anna went to her and not only for answers, she offered her hand and heart no matter what fate dictated. David and Luc., Jonah’s friends are great and funny but also loyal. I enjoyed the angel‘s world as described by Jonah and would be happy to learn more.

It’s a beautiful romance with a lot of actions too and some humour too. I rally enjoyed this book, despite the tears sessions, and I recommend it with pleasure while waiting the occasion to get my hand on the second book of the series, I want more Mina too^^.

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review

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