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Right Where I Need to Be by Wendi Zwaduk

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                 In this early morning - the sun won't be up before a few hours so oki in this cold night with a few stars showing^^;;- i should be asleep but life happen and while i'm ill once again i can't sleep at the moment.  To use this offered time wisely i've decided to share with another step in my discovery of erotic romance subgenre. Months ago, during a blogoversary there was a chat with several authors, i've discovered some i've already told you while reviewing their books and i will present you some more later.

Today it will be Wendi Zwaduk ( she also write under another name) she specialises in erotic romance and her books cover a large range of heat levels...being quite new to it i prefered to ask her which book was the best for me...something not too hard, m/f etc and she came with this title Right Where i Need to Be that i was able to win later.....i don't regret it at all!! So Today i'm giving you my opinion on this book (on a side note- but i will write a post later about it- i've been interviewed on Colorimetry and there is a giveaway- here)

Happy reading!

Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Publication: 2010
ISBN:  1601546963
Genre: erotic romance
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: won (thank you Martha)

Short description from goodreads :

 Logan Malone needs an acting job and fast. With his string of broken hearts, his professional life lies in shambles. To resurrect his career, he must audition for a television role which could be the job of a lifetime. Cass Jenson needs an actor for her made for TV movie. The previous actor dropped out, leaving her stranded. Her savior shows up looking sinfully sexy and totally right for the part, but what part is she auditioning him for - her movie or her bed?

My opinion:
          I love this book! I admit I was a bit afraid because the excerpts for other books by Wendy Zwaduk were often too hot for me, while well written, so I knew I needed something softer. This is the book the author herself recommended to me and she was right it’s perfect for me!

This is a wonderful romance story, it’s erotic and hot yes but it’s really well written and it’s in a story with a good plot. I like suspense romance and there is a touch of the genre that made me completely immersed in the story. The characters are moving. Cass is a great, famous author but she is lacking confidence because of her past abuses, she is secret and really afraid but in the same time she is trying to move on even if it’s really hard. When she sees Logan, she reacts as a woman for the first time in a decade. However her past and insecurities are restraining her to act on her feelings. For Logan is a bit the opposite, he has a reputation, not false, of a Romeo who plays with beautiful woman before ditching them.  He admits himself that it’s not sane and it’s a turning point in his life when he starts to want something more. He is able to see where he went wrong, what he should have done differently, he is not changing overnight of course but he is on the right path…all because of a picture. Going to that audition is a necessity for his bank account, only because of his lifestyle, but it’s foremost a choice. He wanted the role because the author’s picture made him fantasize …when he discovers that the picture is real, not a model but really the author he is left speechless. Cass is the total opposite of what he has been looking in his ex, she is not a model but a beautiful normal woman and he is completely under her charm. Fortunately for him, his clumsiness is what makes him stand out for the role…but he wants more than the role even more after learning of Cass’ past.

Their relationship is slowly building like I love and it’s even more important here with their personality. Under her strong front, Cass is really afraid of a rejection and she doesn’t imagine possible for someone, someone famous even less, to love her because of her looks. Dex, her abusing ex husband, really destroyed her self esteem and still tries to sap her control on her life. The fact that Logan is a well know womanizer and that the majority of her friends, wanting to protect her, thinks it’s a bad idea make her doubt even more. However, Logan is not one to give up without a fight once he is sure of what (or here who) he wants. His life hasn’t been perfect but he is determined to make the woman he loves feel loved and protected, at all costs.

It’s really a fabulous story and Wendi captivated me, I’ve read this in one read while on a tight schedule  it shows you how motivated I was^^. I would recommend it to lovers of soft (no bdsm, ménage etc) erotic romance. The only light, very light downside I have is in the ending… while it’s not bad at all I just felt that the last encounter ( I won’t tell you more) wasn’t needed it was already a real HEA without it but it’s perhaps because I ‘m more likely to hold a grudge.

Score:  4,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review

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