lundi 20 août 2012

JLA Readathon Wrap-up

Hello to all,

                     This weekend i was participating in two read-a-thon, one being centered on any book written by Jennifer L. Armentrout and hosted by Valerie from Stuck in Books.

Now it's time for a wrap-up post and i can say i'm really happy about what i managed to do.

My goals were to read Obsidian and Onyx, participate in the Chat with Jennifer and try to do the challenges ( at least 1).

  • Books i didn't have as much time to read as i hoped but i did read more than my goals.
Finished: Obsidian, Onyx, Daimon
Started: half-blood
Total pages: 1015
  • Chat: i did participate in the Chat, my first experience so i was a bit overwhelmed and shy but i was there
  • Challenges: now that's a bit more complicated . I'm working hard on challenge 2 and 3 but i did the all 3 in the end, the plylist challenge was hard because i wasn't sure if i had to put song with lyrics or only music so i did put lyrics ( english, french and japaneese^^;; interesting mix)Unscramble was done and the quotes too ( thanks again for the hints^^)


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