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Deacon Leeds and the Pyramid of Symbols by Grant Morris [English review]

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                     Lately we have read a lot about some authors who didn't act properly in interraction with bloggers but i think we should also speak about the ones who are attentive and kind to us! After all why should we speak only about what is bad?!

A good example is the author Grant Morris, he kindly reacted to a comment i wrote on a review & giveaway post on another blog. He saw i was intrigued by the book featured and wrote me an email to ask me if i wanted to review it in which case he agreed to send me a copy. Let's just say i was estatic, he was kind and took into account was i said because yes it reminds us that there are still good authors, the majority of them.

It's a real pleasure to introduce you to his new book Deacon Leeds and the Pyramid of Symbols.


Publisher: CreateSpace
Site author: Grant Morris Website
Publication: 2012
ISBN:  1470156067
Genre: YA, fantasy
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 14+
Source: received from author in exchange for an honest review

Short description from goodread :

 Deacon Leeds is spending his summer vacation on a scientific expedition in frigid
Antarctica. Unfortunately, the only other teen staying at the Terra Nova Station is a royal jerk named Broderick Norsworthy. But when a football-sized golden pyramid—covered in curious symbols—is discovered buried below the ice, Deacon quickly learns that Broderick is more than just a pimple-faced nuisance: He's a thief on a dark mission.
Now it's up to Deacon and Fitz, an old driller, to track Broderick down and rescue the ancient artifact. The unlikely companions are thrust into a harrowing adventure across the polar plateau, where they must survive the brutal climate, as well as a mysterious entity that will stop at nothing to prevent them from acquiring the golden Pyramid of Symbols.
Along the way, Deacon deciphers the pyramid's magical symbols and unlocks a secret that will lead him to an even larger mystery thriving below the ice. It is there that Deacon learns what is truly at stake....

My opinion:
          Excellent! When I started this book I wasn’t sure what to expect because one plot can seem to be really interesting, the summary captivating and in the end the book doesn’t reach the quality we hoped, it happens and make us sad. Now, this book is the total opposite! The summary intrigued me, tempted me but the book is even better. I couldn’t close it once I started it.

I was immediately immersed in the story and Deacon kept me entertained all along. He is young boy lost in Antarctica surrounded by adult with only another young one who he can’t stand. In parallel, we discover what is happening in a realm 70 000 years before the present time and we meet Kyra a young priestess in training in a world were symbols have power. Those two couldn’t seem more different than from each other but once we dig a bit similarities appear.

The story is fast paced but not too much and really well written. I loved the alternated chapters between Kyra story, the past and those about Deacon in the present and the title of each chapter are reminding us where and when we are in case we need it. The plot is well designed and keeps surprising the reader without being unbalanced.

The characters are moving and well thought. I appreciated to see them have doubts and flaws but trying to overcome them. Broderick intrigued me because of the way he seemed to wish to connect with Deacon, envied him and in the same time couldn’t communicate with him properly.  I found cute in a way.  This “relationship” is also interesting because Deacon wish to study ethnology or sociology so the people and how they communicate but he doesn’t even try with Broderick. The character I couldn’t stand was Deacon’s mother…a block of ice a bit more human in the last chapters but still I don’t like her. Fitz is complex in his own way and until we learn his background we could not understand him so well. And we can’t forget Kyra, so kind and wistful Kyra with a love for books and history.

The ending is surprising and while it’s not a cliffhanger it stays open and I’m happy to inform you that there will be sequel. Believe me while I was happy after closing the book I also really wanted more of it so it’s wonderful news even if we will need to be patient a bit for it.

This book really could have been a 5/5 except for a small detail (yes I know sometimes I can be very meticulous), I was completely in the book except for one moment that disturbed me a little but that I ‘m sure a lot won’t notice. Kyra is using twice a symbol and at the first time it very well explained the result of the symbol, the risks and the consequences. Perfectly understandable at all, however when she is using it for the second time all those seem to have disappeared and that part isn’t really believable if something is really tiring at a small dose at an higher dose it should be exhausting. I think so at least, it’s really a detail and has no consequences no the story in itself but it’s also not perfect so the 4,5/5 really well deserved.

Wonderful book to recommend without a doubt.

Score:  4,5/5

If you want this book you can buy it on amazon or on Bookdepository

You can find more informations on the author and the book on his Blog
Disclaimer: All opinions are my own Source: a copy in exchange for an honest review, no other compensation was received.

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  1. Oh this is a new one to me. And sounds like one I could enjoy with the kid. :) Thank you for the thoughts on this one, and introducing me to a new book.