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What’s New, Pussycat ? by Alexandra Potter

Hello to all,

                     On this wonderful sunny sunday and before enjoying some times with my family ( a barbecue!) i will share with you my second attempt at discovering the chick lit subgenre.  Let's just say that i'm really happy it wasn't my first attempt or i'm not sure i would have found the will to continue. I'm not planning on giving up thought so don't worry you will still get more of them before the end of this month.

So here comes "What's New, Pussycat?" by Alexandra Potter, Happy reading!

Publisher: Fourth Estate
Publication: 2000
ISBN:  1841153788
Genre: chick lit
Violence: none

Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: received from Birgit (The Book Garden)

Fourth cover summary :

Why, Why, Delilah?

Delilah has made a big decision. In fact she’s made several. She’s leaving Bradford, leaving her boyfriend Lenny and taking her Tom Jones record collection, her pet whippet, fatso and herself to the bright lights of the big city…

My, My Delilah

And now that she’s here, it seems that down-to-earth Delilah is just what the big city was waiting for. But whatever she does, Delilah is determined finally to make the right choices for her future, in love and work. So whether Charlie, the wealthy media boy, or sweet Sam in his café are right for her is something she needs to decide on her own. And then she can really start to live…

My opinion:
          Fight for your dreams, never give up those could be the morals of the story unfortunately, for me, that’s not what I remember the most after closing the book.

Alexandra Potter has an enjoyable writing style and this book was the first edition of her first novel that has been republished with a new edition since then.  But for me that’s not the right book at all. I smiled only at the end and even then I can’t really sympathize with Delilah. She is the kind of girl I despite; she is a total opposite of the model I would like so yes in the end things get right for her but I don’t approve of her behaviour at all.

For me love is important and not a game so we have to take some risk like expressing our feelings and such but going from one boy to another just because it’s convenient or not, no. Just because she hopes, dreams of happiness and for her it means to try the men like shoes until the one that fits?  She can’t wait and learn to know him no too long and too simple better to go straight to bed with him and wait and see. Really not my style, I’m not against divorce with reason but before that I think we need to think before taking an engagement, it’s not a plaything it’s serious  and I ‘m afraid a book like this will just gives the idea to some that everything is permitted…I think it’s sad.

If you love this kind of book, it could be a good addition to your reading but for me it’s a no but I will still try others books from this author to make my mind about the genre in a whole.

Score:  1,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review

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