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Storm Force episode 8 by Susannah Sandlin ( Review and discussion)

Hello to all!

Welcome to our weekly Storm force review and discussion! Episode 8 is now released and thus it’s your last opportunity to get the kindle edition for only 1,99 dollars before the grand finale!
For the print edition, which I really need on my shelves, a little wait will be needed since it’s in June that it will be released on the different retailers.

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               Episode 8: Where one must decide which line shouldn’t be crossed and a storm becomes the perfect time to admit each one weakness and reveals some secrets and accept ourselves. Beware Rain can lead to steamy moments….

My opinion:
I enjoyed the description of the tempest, and the way people act just before it, I don’t live in a country where there are hurricane and I enjoyed to be able to feel the tension building, the pressure in front of the nature….after the fight it was a good metaphor of Mori ‘s feeling how she started to prepare herself until the pint she exploded…however at the same time in this episode the stronger the elements are  the better Mori starts to feel, her tension dropping .   Robin is really too perfect and I loved how she took things in her hand to made them realise what was evident.

Also the way,  Kell manages to open Mori ‘s eyes to the situation….because after all an outsider point of view can really be useful sometimes was interesting. The human was able to think about the situation without his feeling on the way that’s really good point for our ranger ^^ and managing to drive in such condition with one hand and half… he is persistent and have more talents that what we could think.

The scene in the rain for the shower was just too cute and then evolved in really steamy scenes^^, our dear Mori love to give orders and Kell doesn’t look like he minds….

Only one episode left….i would like to said it’s going to be peaceful but like all good horror movie you must take the sound into account and Mori does think about it at the end that added to the little hints or what I think are hints… just what you need to be on edge for the final week! I can’t stress enough how you should hurry and order ( or pre order for the print edition) this book , the thriller part is excellent mixed with the paranormal romance and you won’t regret it.

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


1)      Where or what is the place that make you feel the most secure?
2)       Did you get a serious injury? If Yes did you manage to function with it?

3 commentaires:

  1. Episode 8 ended with a rather pleasant end. Not a cliffhanger as the other episodes. Sort of the calm before the storm. Now one more week until we see if Michael gets what we think he deserves.

    1. they do relax and have a pleasant time but for me it looked even more creepy ^^;; i lean the way he was at teh windows, how mori was stressed at first... Epiosode 9 will be the finale... and tempetuous one after all^^ the storm is the metaphore ^^

  2. Yes, relax while you can because Episode 9 is NOT relaxing at all! :-)