lundi 20 mai 2013

An avalanche of great international giveaways!

Hello to all,

             it has been a moment i could share with you some great international giveaways.... today will make up for the wait because thanks to Cafebiblioart you get a bunch of them, each one better than the precedent. She really over did it for her Blogoversary so participate with us.
I do hope to win some of those but i thought i had to share a little^^.
There are more giveaways than those i will present you, because i choose not to enter all of then just the ones i really want, so don't hesitate to go have a look even if those i show you here doesn't interest you, you will perhaps prefer one i don't want because believe me there is something for all tastes.

All of these giveaways have a different ending date so be careful and don't wait too long to check them up.

I will start with the books and the Boxed sets ( great, no?)

*You can win the boxed set of  the Matched trilogy you have until July 31 to participate.

*  For the fan of Maggie Stiefvater you can win The Shiver Trilogy Boxset, hardback edition,  open until July 31st

*The Hush Hush complete saga, the Hardback boxed set. Open until the 10th June

* You can get the Back Dagger Brotherhood boxed set with the paperbacks of the first 6th books. Open until the 18June

*Janet Evanovich giveaway, win the trilogy bok set open until June 19th

*Beautiful Creature complete series box set set but in paperback Open until 20th June

*Win Fallen, book 1 to 3, in a deluxe box set. Open until  20th June

*George RR Martin giveaway, Game of Thrones collectible box set by Harper Voyager, until the 25th June

* Millenium Trilogy Box set, in paperback open until end of July.

* Gayle Forman giveaway, Win If i stay & Where she went, in parbeack. Open until end of July

* Gabriel's Inferno giveaway , Win book 1 and two, open until end of Augustus.

*Rock Chick giveaway, win the 7books of this series in paperback. Open until december 31st

But books aren't the only treat check those jewellery and ereader:

*Fan of the vampire Diaries? You love Caroline, then this giveaway is for you .. win the bracelet klaus offer to Caroline/   Caroline Bracelet giveaway open until 15th July

*Win an ipad mini or 300dollars of books if international. Open until September 2013

*Win a Kindle Fire HD, or the values in books from the bookdeposity if international. open until October 2013

But that's not all you can also find giveaway about John Greene, Percy Jackson, Cat & Bones, Fifthy shades and numerous others so have a look , you have nothing to loose and a lot to win.

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  1. Ohhh, so many great giveaways! I think I will try my luck on a few of them! Thanks for sharing, miki!

    1. Good luck, she really spoiled us didn't she? i do hope to win some of tjhose more than teh others so fingers crossed for both of us