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Storm Force episode 7 by Susannah Sandlin ( review and discussion)

Hi!! Happy First of May!

Welcome to our weekly Storm force review and discussion! Episode 7 is now released so only two more weeks before the grand finale! Hurry to get the kindle edition for only 1,99 dollars; later it will be too late and it’s really a book you should read. Print edition will be available on 18th June

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               Episode 7: The Colonel decides to take control of the situation….unfortunately like often the big boss knows nothing about the situation and take unrealistic decision endangering their team…Kell must confront Michael alone while his teammates are sent to different locations…if the shifters agree to obey that is.

My opinion:
                 I can’t believe how angry I was while reading this episode… Mori still think she should act alone against Michael in hope to protect Kell…like she hasn’t learnt from her mistakes last time. Fortunately, Robin is rubbing off on her ^^ shifters women will become independent and determined. They don’t want to be left behind when they can fight…. I’m loving Robin more and more. And I’m sure Archer would have sided with them too. Nik is also too “ trained” to disobey but I was surprised to see him open himself to Mori and reveal his talents to her…

Then Kell can be so stupid… he knows Michael Benedict, he has the info and still follow blindly the orders…arf I wanted to slap him, to shake him. Even more after what he told Archer, he now bows in front of the colonel…he is brainwashed…his training really did him worse than good. The colonel doesn’t take the risks into account and could loose his team , I just hope he will regret and give them more liberty in the future.

Only two more episodes, I’m really curious about what  Susannah will reveal next and I do want more of Archer!! So I do recommend this book to you and I will wait with impatience for the next episode ( because yes there was a cliffhanger but I didn’t feel it was an hard one… not like the one of chapter 4 at least I guess after such an hard one I became stronger^^)

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


1)       Do you think people who give orders ( in a “ normal” job  or in military) should have been first doing the lambda jobs, to learn the reality of it before earning their place in the deciding ranks?
2)       What do you think about serials ( books released in several episodes)? Have you tried some? Is  Storm force your first try?

2 commentaires:

  1. The end of episode 7 leaves us with a cliffhanger involving all four characters in chapter 28. If I had the paper release I wound not have stopped reading. Now the wait until next Tuesday. Still two episodes to go, so it's not over yet. I like this serial. Before this I have only read one other, Stephen King's, The Green Mile, when it was first published in six parts, 1996.

    1. ^^ i wouldn't have stopped either but i stay satisfacting ^^;; strange feeling but it must be the effect of the serial.

      i know of the serial by ilona Andrews, a free one but so far i have waited before starting on it. What i do appreciate with Susannah Serial is that the price is for teh whole book, i've learned that for some you have to pay for each episode and then it's something i wouldn't want because it become easily expensive ( imagine 1,99 x9=18dollars a paperback... a little too much)

      also what is great with Storm force is that each episode are released quite quickly for some it takes months between episode ( imagine ...2 or 3month wait after an episode like the 4th one i would become crazy^^)