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Storm Force episode 9: The Finale!! ( review and Discussion)

Hello to all!

   Welcome to our last weekly Storm force review and discussion! Episode 9 is now out in the world and it marks the cloture of this serials, if you waited until all was released to start reading it you can start right now, this book deserve your attention .
If you want the print copy, don’t hesitate to pre order it , mid June is near.  (and don’t worry amazon should drop the price soon and bookdepository will sell it too)

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               Episode 9: Like with a hurricane, the calm lasts only a short time before danger come back full force. Mori has finally accepted that  Michael Benedict had nothing of a good alpha and she is ready to fight for what she believes in….she just didn’t know it was going to be so soon. Kell suffers but stays determined.

My opinion:
                 Fabulous, I admit I was edgy before starting this last episode…. All the tips in episodes 8 was leading to something big and  it ‘s.  They really didn’t figured Michael Benedict well at all thinking he was going to be careful and heal first… which is strange since they considered him like a psychopath/sociopath and their kind are rarely reasonable.
 I loved the fact both Mori and Kell accepted they would need to act as a team, with each one having a speciality, a “point fort”. They aren’t perfect but each of them can give something to the others and they will need it quicker than expected and without a strategy ready.

I admire how Kell realise how he did made things harder for himself because of his pride and how determined he can be to still manage to move after all he suffered. The fact, his past and grandfather’s belongings will help made me smile and I think the shell oil thing was an interesting reminder of what Benedict wanted to destroy …and that made his use so ironic. Justice served right in his own way

I enjoyed discovering Mori a great swimmer and the fight with Michael was really well described.  The action, tension and timing were simply just what it needed to make this book an excellent one.

 Now for the ending…let just said that if the publisher doesn’t want more books in the series I will become crazy! I want more, I need to see how Archer is doing, how Kell will adjust with Mori and their respective obligation and I want Robin (preferably with Nik). Gadget has made his apparition so now I want him in action not just in teleconference.

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review

1)       Do you want more? Would you prefer the rest of the series (if you want more) to be in books or serials first like this time?
2)       If you have read the book, which character is your favourite so far and why?

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  1. I really liked the ending of Storm Force. Yes, I want more in the series. We will see how the sales go for the publisher. I enjoyed the serial format and that would be fine with me for future releases. Although I also ordered the paperback for the keeper shelf. I think the serial format got more mileage out of the cliffhangers at the end of each episode. Of course the weeks wait was aggravating at times and if I had the paperback instead, I would not have stopped reading. My favorite character is Robin. I think I always fall for some secondary support character. And just how unique is an eagle shifter. Just love her smart ass attitude with humor.

    1. ^^ I understand you, if i had the paperback i will have read it in one sitting ^^ sometimes the cliffhanger was really too high for me but we were lucky to have to wait only one week for the next release ( not sure i would have felt the same if i had to wait several weeks or monrth i admit) so i do hope to get the rest in print too but if there is a serial first i will manage and be happy to review it again even if it's not an easy excercise

      i love Robin yes^^ and i want her with Nik^^;; she is so funny and independent i love that. But my heart goes for Archer intelligent, funny and really capable... he needs someone to take care of him now and i would gladly accept this job^^