vendredi 31 mai 2013

MAY RAK wrap up post

                   Welcome to my  2013 May RAK wrap up post..this month has been a little difficult for me because i've gotten ill so long hours in bed being able to do nothing. the result, i've been late to finish my gifts and managed to send only one but i will do my best to complete ealier promise in june.

In May I received: 

No Rak this month but one that was granted in march did arrive now that the book was released.It's Undone that Stéphanie offered me.

and in May,  i've sent :
( note: i don't take picture of the Rak i create before sending them so it's only if the receiver made one i can use that i will add it here so this post will perhaps be edited later to add some)

I wanted to make more this month but it will be fore next month since i'm taking longer crafting as long as i'm not healed.But don't worry if i promised you a RAk i will send it as soon as possible, sorry for the delay.

So i did send:

A handmade personnalised baby bear bookmark to jessie from Jessie's Book Place  i do hope you will receive it soon and find it to your liking.

 Do you participate in RAK? Did you have a good month? 

Thank you once again to Isalys and Vanessa from Booksoulmates for hosting! and to all participants for making this event a success

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