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Alien Tango ( Katherine « Kitty » Katt book 2) by Gini Koch

Hello again,

                       For this month i've decided to post review about a novella and just after another about a book from i science-fiction series that i've discovered. Today i will present you the second book in the Katherine "Kitty" Katt Series " Alien Tango" written by Gini Koch


Editor : DAW BOOKS
Publication : 2010
ISBN:  0756406323
Genre: science fiction romance
Violence: mild

Langage: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Short description from goodread :

 It's been five months since marketing manager Katherine "Kitty" Katt started working with the aliens from Alpha Centauri, and she and Jeff Martini are getting closer. But when an experimental spacecraft is mysteriously returned to the Kennedy Space Center, Kitty and the rest of her team are called in to investigate. Now the team must survive murderous attacks, remove a space entity from a group of astronauts, and avoid an unhinged woman with a serious crush on Kitty's high school boyfriend. And that's all before evil masterminds decide Kitty's extermination is vital.

My opinion:

          I admit at first I was a bit afraid, the first book was so great how could the second one be as good…it’s not. This second book is even better than the first one. Full of action, romance, suspense and humour everything is there and so well written. It’s really a good book when your mood is a bit down or when you are tired because chapter after chapter I just went better and better with a huge smile.

In this book we finally meet Chuckie, Kitty best friend and also Jeff’s parents or all family in fact. Those situations are hilarious. Kitty can have a really great intuition but she has none concerning her love life  or the diplomacy she could need because she understand Jeff’s father and mother but still she keep a big mouth even exhausted. Sometimes, things have to be said and she is very honest about her thoughts that for sure.  Now I admit I still have a problem how Jeff “read” her thought while not being telepathe but empathy however I guess that’s all interpretation and psychology after all his life he get some experience at least.

I was really fond of ACE, proof that Centaurions made a lot of errors in the past but can also do great. So powerful but lonely and sad, difficult not to like him on the spot. He will do great so I hope we will see more about him. Also Kevin is a great agent liaison even if he is married ( or perhaps thanks to that fact^^;;)

Kitty is the same as always but we also see a more sensitive side of her. Claudia is so funny, I could easily picture her with the heavy rocket launcher. Jeff is a bit more jealous but this book give us a lot of informations about what his life was and thus we understand his insecurities better. I loved that part of the story

I think I won’t be able to wait before reading the next one even if part of me would like to slow down because once I will be on the last one I will have to wait at least 6month before the new publication because we get only two books a year…what a dilemma

Score:  5/5


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  1. So glad that you got addicted to this series and love Kitty & co :-D And thank Heavens that Gini is such a prolific author, 2 books a year is great! (of course nothing would ever be enough for us ;-)

    1. Thanks you again for the discovery ^^ and yes we are lucky that she is prolific and keep up with the quality too but now that she will have a new serie perhaps we will have to be more patient.... arg on the other hand.. we could have up to 16books so 5more years

  2. Il faut vraiment que je lise celui ci. J'ai reçu le premier et j'ai celui ci qui attend dans ma PAL. J'espere qu'il me plaira tout autant.

    1. personellement je pense que oui il te plaira, le niveau ne change pas et je vais également mettre les avis pour les suivants ( 3 en ligne et 4ème avant la fin du mois)donc tu auras une idée plus globale.
      Pour ma part, le tome5 est en haut de ma liste d'achat maintenant ^^