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Alien in the Family ( Katherine « Kitty » Katt Book3 ) by Gini Koch

Hello again,

                    Like i told you in my last post, i will now post a review about a book from a series i really love now the problem was which one to choose the next one in the I Marshal Stories or one by Gini Koch...hard choice really since there are all in my favorite. Finally, i've decided to go on Kitty Katt book 3 why? Simply so i won't post book 4 directly following book3. So Today we continue with the great series written by Gini Koch


Editor : DAW BOOKS
Publication : 2011
ISBN:  0756406684
Genre: science-fiction romance
Violence: mild

Langage: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Short description from goodread :

 Super-Being Exterminator Kitty Katt and the Alpha Centaurian she loves, Jeff Martini, should be finalizing their wedding plans. But that was before she discovers Jeff is in line to become Emperor back on his home world. Kitty knows she is everything a royal family wouldn't approve of, and is bracing herself for the worst. As it turns out, the royal family is just the beginning. Especially when extraterrestrial Amazonian terrorists are determined to start and end Kitty and Jeff's nuptial festivities with a bang.

My opinion:

          Each book is bigger than the last and still I hadn’t enough. Gini Koch’s writing is really a pearl, we are immersed in the story without any difficulty and we are part of the team one way or another.
The only part I loved a bit less is the numerous characters , it’s a wedding so even distant relatives are there and believe me if Kitty is feeling overwhelmed and lost, I was the same while trying to remember who is who. It was also fun because I think all the characters were in the same disposition.

We have the pleasure also to discover new kind of aliens, all from the system of Centauri and not all friendly but they are great in their own way and Kitty will discover one soulmate.  ( another one yes but not what you think^^;;;) oh and let’s not forget I WANT A POOF. So great, so cute  so arg… I want one as you will too but they are rare so not easy to get but perhaps I could ask Christopher?

But, more aliens means also more troubles and CIA on the way and that’s a promise for at least verbal fight. Thankfully Kitty can still see the bigger picture and do what is needed to save the day…while trying to keep up with the preparation of her marriage.

We could have thought Gini was going to give them a break but the ending is full of promises so the next book will certainly is as filled with action, romance and humour or perhaps we will discover a new side of kitty. Who Knows?

Score:  4,5/5


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