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Enslaved by Starlight by Jessa Slade in the anthogology Hotter on the Edge

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                     Nearly the end of the month but i'm far from having finished with the subgenre of science-fiction romance because i've discovered several really good authors and series which i 'm a fan of. So, this month isn't the only one where you will get some review on that genre. However no need to wait so long, today you will again have a review about a novella and one post about a book and before May at least two others books of that genre will be reviewed and posted so enjoy!

First, we start with the last enovella published in the anthology Hotter on the Edge, called "Enslaved by Starlight" and written by Jessa Slade.

Published in the anthology Hotter on the Edge
Author: Jessa Slade
Publication : 2012
ASIN:  B00757WOT6
Genre: science-fiction romance
Violence: mild

Langage: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: free pdf ( special offer)

Short description from goodread :

 Transformed by empathic crystals into the perfect paramour, Benedetta Galil is the last treasure of her fading world. When raiders attack—seeking to corrupt the crystals and conquer all of charted space—she gives herself as a prize to the one man in the universe who values freedom over power. Mercenary sheership Captain Corso Deynah left oppression behind him on a burning planet and has no use for a sex slave, even one as seductive as Benedetta. But while he stubbornly resists her body, her fierce spirit tempts him, and he will risk everything—his ship, his seclusion, the very stars—to win not just her passion but her love.

My opinion:

          For a novella, the world seemed well constructed for me and the story complete even if the ending opens a door for a sequel if needed. I enjoyed the concept of the crystal and even more the way Corso tries to make Benedetta more self conscious and willing to fight for her freedom too. Even it’s also true that the plot isn’t very original you can spend a good time reading this story. No background is needed to enjoy it. The violence is there yes but the story isn’t dark. Also the romance isn’t immediate, but it’s perfect with the psychology of the characters

Corso is a mercenary because of his honor and the choices he made. It’s also the reason why he resists entering a new conflict before the threat to loose his ship. Benedetta has grown in the perspective to be sold one day and thus when she is “given” in exchange for the safety of her planet and the population she agrees to it without any doubt until the captain refuse her and call her a sex slave.  Together they learn that there is more to it and that while the link created by the special ceremony binding is special and can be great, the choice to choose this life is also important.  Both want to save lives and both are attracted to each others while they try to understand what freedom really means.

I wouldn’t mind a sequel with a bit more of Icere, he would be a great addition to the staff on the ship.

Score:  3,5/5


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