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Centauri Twilight ( Centauri series book2) by Cynthia Woolf


                 Like i promised, here is the second book of the Centauri Series called " Centauri Twilight" by Cynthia Woolf. I liked this book but less than the first because it's a lot darker still if you have read the first one you will want to read this book but don't start by book 2 it would be too confusing and won't reflect all the trilogy.

Publisher : Cynthia Woolf
Publication : 2011
ISBN:  0983937230
Genre: sciences-fiction romance
Violence: strong

Langage: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: won

Short description from goodread :

 Lara Danexx suffered years of torment at the hands of the evil and twisted Ranzon Slavarien. But she escaped and raised an army of rebels to destroy him. Victory is within her grasp when an unwelcome intruder hunts her down and spins wild tales of her lost family and royal blood. This arrogant invader stirs her long dead emotions and threatens to ruin all of her plans. She can’t allow herself to desire his touch, or believe his lies; too much is at stake.

General Anton Coridian gave his word that he would find his beloved queen’s long lost sister, Princess Jondalara. He expects a pampered princess. Instead he finds a guerilla leader with an army of loyal cut-throats and rogues at her back. Every instinct he has demands that she is his lifemate and he must steal her away to safety. But the dark determination and pain in her eyes reminds him of his own tortured past. She offers him redemption and the chance to right an unspeakable wrong. Destiny must be laughing, because now he’s fallen in love with a woman who will stop at nothing to free her peoples; even if it means sacrificing herself. Anton is determined to join her, both in bed and in battle. Now he must convince Lara that his love can save not just her life, but her battered heart

My opinion:

          This second book starts exactly where the last one finishes if you forget the epilogue, when Anton wants to leave. We follow then a broken Anton who suffers from the survivor’s syndrome. He doesn’t feel right for him to be with his happy brother and he feels guilty for the death of his men, no worth living. To right the things with Audra, he wants to find her lost sister and for that he follows the new lead they got. I understand how much he must suffer but I don’t connect with Anton as much as I did with Darius. He is a patient man, yes but there is no sparks.

Lara, the lost sister has survived through a life of tortures and she is marked by that. She can’t love, can’t trust and lives for revenge. She is the total opposite of Audra, due to her life she is more a warrior than a princess. At first she even resent her sister and that’s something that bothered me even if it can be see as normal for one with her life.

So this book is a lot darker that the first one, with the current tortures and the remembrance of old ones. There are several mention of rapes and strong descriptions. The rhythm is rapid and the action is still less important that the personal introspection of the characters. It’s a good book but not for emotional one, yes there is romance, slow and tentative since both need healing but it’s there and the happy end as well but still for those under 18 or too emotional, you should be careful with this story.

Score:  3,5/5


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