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Alien mate by Eve Langlais

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                   Today we are still discovering the subgenre science-fiction romance with an author i've heard about but never read before. April was a special month on All Romance Ebooks because each day, they offered one book of a series to make the book and author known and one day i saw it was a science-fiction romance, just what i needed so i jumped on the occasion.

Here comes Alien Mate by Eve Langlais.

Editor : Amira press
Publication : 2010
ISBN:  9781936279203
Genre: science- fiction romance, erotic
Violence: mild
Langage: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: free ebook (special offer on All romance Ebooks)

Short description from goodread :

 What would you do if an alien materialized in your living room and told you he was your leader?

Plump Diana is ironing her underwear when the hottest blue babe in all of the galaxy appears in her living room. Did she forget to mention he was naked? Abducted, decontaminated, and dressed like a harem girl, she’s been chosen to become his mate.

Kor asked his ancestors to find him a biddable, docile mate. Instead they found him Diana--a curvy, argumentative earthling who sets his pulse pounding and his loins on fire. He might be an alien who doesn't understand the meaning of love, but he sure knows what he feels is more than lust.

My opinion:

          At first I was a bit put off but this story, the concept it’s interesting but the first chapters are highly sexual and it seems everything is a pretext for their joining. It was becoming bothersome but the last chapters change the situation. We have a plot and the characters are showing more of themselves.

Diana is a woman who even if she hasn’t a lot of self esteem doesn’t want to be ordered around or kidnapped by an alien even for good reasons. She wants love and respect and she is doing her best in the circumstances she is to obtain both. She even wants to change things on her new planet and that part could be very interesting to read.

Kor is a warrior and while he wants to respect his ancestors he can’t stop thinking, at first, they made an error while choosing for his mate a not docile woman. However, even with his pride, his honor makes him want to try to win her. I loved that about him even it at first he seemed a complete moron, arrogant bastard.

In the end I liked this short story but I don’t think I will continue the series, I’m a bit afraid  all the books will be too similar however is the occasion present itself to have the others free, I could give it a try but as of now it’s not at all on my to buy list.

If you want erotic story with a touch of paranormal, science-fiction this is a book for you but if you want a strong story, filled with action, intrigue and all…this isn’t the perfect example of it.

Score:  3,5/5


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