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Chenoire by Susannah Sandlin

Hello to all,

 i'm sorry i haven't been absent so long (and i'm not back at 100% yet) but the situation with my mother needed all my attention. She is improving and the doctor don't recommend the operation because of thebonusvs risk ratio so at least until the end of the year we need to take it easy with injection and rehabilitation. On my side, that stress didn't help with my hands at all but i'm glad i nearly finished my christmas correspondance.

I'm behind in the challenge i've entered with all what happened and i still don't have a lot of time but i will do my best to at least post a little this month and perhaps finish the challenge? ( need to find more hours in the days)

Like i told you weeks ago already ( time is flying) i will probably need to focus on short story and novella first  and that's what i did today. You know i'm a fan of Suzanne Johnson/Susannah Sandlin 's writing...i really can't resist so with her new release tomorrow i couldn't not share it with you. And since it's a short story with a funny publishing adventure i decided to share it with you but you would have know it if you follow the author so no real secret revealed but one that you must add to your ereader!

 happy reading!

Short description:

 When Faith Garrity’s twin sister died, she lost a part of herself. Unable to move past the pain, the once-driven ornithologist is at risk of losing her career as well. To save her job, she heads to the oil-ravaged wetlands of Louisiana. There, in the bayou community of Chenoire, she encounters the handsome but guarded Zackary Préjean, still suffering from a great loss of his own.

She’s drawn to Zack, but soon finds that the Préjean family isn’t what it seems… They have dangerous secrets—and deadly enemies. Caught up in a feud that threatens the area’s uneasy truce, Faith and Zack must learn to trust each other. Survival will require enormous sacrifice, but it just might also give them both a way to move on

Story background:
               The publishing and story of how a book or novella comes to exist can be strange sometimes… if this title “Chenoire” reminds you something don’t worry you are right in 2011 it was a free novella set in the Sentinels of New Orleans series…. Unfortunately that publisher didn’t see the potential of this short story…. But Suzanne Johnson also writes under the name of Susannah Sandlin and under that name she has another publisher…who wanted this story in his catalogue.

So after some adjustment this story changed of universe and I must said I do appreciate that modification more than I expected…. The story is the same but with different characters and as much as I love Rene delachaise I couldn’t see where this novella would fit in the “sentinels” timeline. Now we have more characters and thus possibly more fun to come^^ a merman could join the team of storm force or we could hope for other novella in the same universe but about other supernatural species ^^. So in a whole I think this is a excellent news and now you can get this novella and savour it!

My opinion:
          Like often about novella I don’t want to say to much in fear of spoiling the story for those who haven’t discovered it yet….so I can say I really loved it, normally I don’t reread at least that soon a story because I remember it too well and get bothered….in this case it wasn’t the case at all. Yes I remembered the story and only the name changed but it was still has fun and I love how the author’s love for the area is spreading in her words. I do want to visit the region despite the gators now^^
The characters are fun are well built,. Faith is determined but really attentive to other and Zack^^ he will make you love fish in a different way than before^^ It’s a story about trust and acceptance, forgiving and learning to live again after a horrible lost…. So you will smile and well has tearing up a little while reading this but foremost you will immersed in Louisiana  natural beauty and left to want more ^^.

Now that this story is set in the universe of Susannah Sandlin I love it even more than in the past so you just definitively give it a try! It works perfectly as a stand alone so even if you haven’t read anything by this author ( under Suzanne Johnson or Susannah Sandlin name ) if you love paranormal romance and mermen as a different kind of shifter read this one^^ you will be looking for more ;)

Score:  4,5/5

Disclaimer: Source: a copy in exchange for an honest review, no other compensation was received. All opinions are my own
  If you want this book you can buy it on  amazon 

You can find more informations on Suzanne/Susannah on her Blog


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  1. Hi Miki,

    So nice to see you post. Hope all will be well for you soon. Looking forward to reading the revised, updated Chenoire tomorrow. Have read the first two on-line. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  2. Oh how neat! I love hearing how stories come to be. That's great she was able to get it published by her other house. Love that.

    Glad you're feeling a little better! And that the new year brings yall both good news!

    I got my package 2 days ago Miki! That was incredible! It came right after the whole kitty troubles started and was very much appreciated and enjoyed. I've been nibbling on chocolates since it got here. They've all been so yummy so far! Thank you for making my week a little bit nicer :) Hope yall have a lovely Christmas <3

    1. thank you so much for telling me dear you can't believe how stressed i was^^ and if it helped a little i'm even more glad