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Backfield in Motion (Seattle Lumberjacks 4) by Jami Davenport


 oki now this is really the last line for the sport romance challenge since there is only a little more than 24h left and no i'm not finished.... when i see all the books fitting this category i have and that i want to read  it's infuriating i had to take a forceful reading break.... now i can read again but little by little  since my hands aren't healed and it's painful to hold something long and with all christmas and now New year preparation the time is limited. However i'm not giving up!

If you remember this year, i've read and absolutely loved Down by Contact by Jami Davenport, it was in fact the third book in the series and i have been dying to read book 1 and 2 since then, they are on my night table even but i couldn't read them then and now book 4 just released so  i couldn't resist and i jumped on it as soon as i could with pleasure^^ and i will read backwards after but i couldn't miss this new release to share it with you so...

 Happy Reading!

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Publication: 2013
Genre: sport romance
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: ecopy received in exchange for an honest review

Short description from goodreads :

 Bruce "Bruiser" Mackey's story (running back)

All you'll ever be is a pretty face...

Star running back Bruce “Bruiser” Mackey has heard those words his entire life, especially after his twin brother’s tragic accident. He might use his surfer-boy good looks to land lucrative endorsements for his secret charity, but he hates books being judged by their covers. Which is why it’s wrong that his friend MacKenzie Hernandez is intent on giving herself a makeover.

Sure, Mac and her father have been reeling financially since her brother disappeared three years ago, and Lumberjacks management gives an annual scholarship that might get her life back on track, but he can’t imagine anyone smarter, sexier, or more beautiful than Mac already is. He can’t keep his hands off her—and the more they spend time together, the less he wants to. She’s perfect as is. One way or another, he’ll make sure the team’s tomboy greenskeeper gets a full ride. And between the two of them, they can learn to accept what’s behind them and look downfield to a future full of win.

My opinion:
          After enjoying so much “ Down by Contact” i was impatient to find the Seattle Lumberjacks once more however instead of starting with the precedent books it was time for the newly release and I didn’t want to miss it. Jami Davenport is really an author you have to try if you love sport romance because so far I have liked (or more) all I’ve read from her.

This book doesn’t break that rule I really liked it but at the same time I found it harder to immerse myself in the story because the suspense part was more important than the sport one and I guess perhaps a little too unbelievable for me. However the author’s writing talent made it so that I still couldn’t close the book and i had to finish it the sooner the better.

I was delighted to get to see again Kelsie, Lavender and Rachel as well as their counterpart^^, They have become great at scheming lovers plans and it’s sure Mac and Bruiser needed their wisdom ( I want to see Tyler get married even if apart the ceremony and paper it’s all look like he is already)I enjoyed discovering more about Brett and I do hope he will find his soulmate too because he does deserve it, he is so loyal and forgiving. Now i must say i still hate Veronica and I don’t think that could change a day…. You will see what i mean after reading this 4th book….she is such a b**** I wanted to strangle her ( I’m sure she is even furious with Elliot).

The romance between Mac and Bruiser is cute and I do love the message between it that you need to see behind the appearances. People can be so different that what they want people to believe and if you stop just at the looks you are missing so much…. Bruiser did need a change in Mac appearance to give it a try and I guess that part bothered  me just a little…he is saying he saw her and liked her before but he needed to see her as a woman to make his move…. Now that happen also in real life sometimes you need a change of place to open your eyes to what was right in front of you so i got over it pretty quickly. Both have guilt issues and difficulty to trust, they are stubborn and sadly not selfish enough sometimes making them pay a too heavy price for someone else decision or desire but together they do get stronger if they can accept it.

Nevertheless when you add the burden in Mac’s life to Bruiser’s past… it was a little too much for me. It’s not bad no but perhaps I would have enjoyed more if at least one of them at resolved his or her problem first because it does make a lot especially when Elliot come to add to the mix of their perturbed life already. I loved Elliot Character… so mature and at the same time so vulnerable..; it’s just that the 3 situations together were too much for my emotional state right now i guess.

The sport part is a little more behind the scene in this story, we know Bruiser plays ( and wins) that he has training session but the majority of the action take place far from the stadium. Perhaps i missed that but at the same time if you are not great fan of sport it makes it even easier to be drawn in the story.

All in one it’s a really good sport romance with a lot of suspense romance this time in the mix and one you should really give a try to.

Score:  3,5/5

Disclaimer: Source: a copy in exchange for an honest review, no other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review

 For more info on Jami Davenport and her books you can check her Website  HERE
 Backfield in Motion is available on amazon or on smashwords ( as well as other format and retailer listed on her website)


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