dimanche 22 décembre 2013

Winter Challenge

Hello to all!

                      As you could have seen the blog has been quite silent lately due to health problem...that affected my reading a lot more that i would have liked and i fell behind in my challenge objctive.
The situation is far forsettled but it's slowly improving ( except my hand) so when i saw Stephanie from Cover2Cover offering us some motivation to try to reach our challenge goal for 2013 i couldn't miss this opportunity and i joined the Winter Challenge

I'm trying not to overdo it because i still have a lot of Christmas preparation to do and i have some rest long overdue but i want to try to finish what i can ( i hate failing!) . So for stephanie we only have to read not to review which will help my goodreads challenge but i will try to review those entering other challenges.

i don't have any specific titles in mind but i want to read 6 books and/or novellas if possible and i need to review 3 sports romances as well as at least one paranormal one so that's what i will set as my goal and if achieve that i will be really happy^^

i will perhaps update this post as i advance in the challenge so don't hesitate to participate or to encourage me a little^^ i'm sure i will need it

Update: goals reached 5/6
22th: Unicorn Keep read, reviewed
25th: Offside : read- reviewed
26th: josey's Christmas Cookie: read- reviewed
27th: Buying Trouble: read - reviewed
29th Backfield in Motion: read and reviewed
31th: Lucky Charm: read ( reviewed on goodread)

Happy Holidays!

update 31th december 2013: Challenge completed! Meaning that a few hours only before we reach 2014 i completed my challenge goals! i don't think i would have managed without this little push so a big thank you to all participants!

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  1. Thanks for joining. I wish you luck!

  2. Hei miki. How are your goals going? You've visited my blog a few days ago so I thought to return the favor :)