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Bout of Books 8.0: Goals and Updates

Hello to all,

Official Blurb
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The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, August 19th and runs through Sunday, August 25th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure, and the only reading competition is between you and your usual number of books read in a week. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 8.0 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. -From the Bout of Books team

I hope i have learned from past experience and thus the main goal will be to find some balance between blogging, reading time and life outside of that. I will keep low goals but i won't try to do everything in teh first few days and then be so tired i can't do anything.... now that's what i'm hoping to do but life can  happen so we will see. I've already done this post to win time so ^^ i need to be careful to stick to what i said. After all i said in May that i had a revenge to take so let this edition be the best of all so far

I will update this post daily to keep my progress up to date so don't hesitate to come back here each date to see how i'm doing ^^. Part of this adventure is the support we can offer to each other, so count on me to try to visit you.

My Goals

  • Read 2 books ( not sure which one yet)
  • Comment on at least one participant post each day
  • Enter at least one challenge ( if i can)
  • Prepare one official review
  • Post at least one review
  • Be up to date in my reviews ( see i finished the review for the books i've read already)
  • Work on one RAK minimum
  • Write the letters i still have to do
  • Enter the contest/blog hop while still open
At the moment it seem a lot to me but i will do my best so we will see!

Books to Read

  • one book for the challenge ( so with siren, selkie or mermen/ or a sport romance)
  • One paranormal romance
  • One sport romance
  • one book by  Angie Derek
  • a book in French
This is a unfinished list of possibibilites not definitive titles and i won't probably read all of them but i will have the choice at least... i can never make a more specific list i take too long to decide^^

Time Devoted to Reading

I will be reading all week as soon as i get the opportunity to do so between all i have to do in real life and when i'm good enough to. Also since i'm finishing some handmade gift my reading time will be limited a bit but i will try to do my best.


    Number of pages I've read today: 356
    Total number of books I've read: 1
    Books: Line of Scrimmage ( finished)

    The day was better in reading time that what i expected.. having been feeling unwell this night ( or early morning) i decided to start reading and i picked the sport romance i prepared... it was a quick read but still enjoyable. Now i 'm glad i started early because afternoon  spiralled down and i got so busy i couldn't open a book. I also worked on the first draft of the review for the book i finished

    For the others goals...  i did comment on 5 other participants posts and i wa ssurprised to discover that both challenge today were really simple and quick so i did both The book pairing... a sport romance with a sport drink i couldn't have done it purposely and better. And on Sarah says read i did comment on my bookish dream , teh thing i hope to do before dying: attending BEA or another bookish convention in the US

    All things together it was great start.... now i need to keep the rythm without overdoing it either.

    Number of pages I've read today: 194
     total pages read: 552
    Total number of books I've read:1
    Books: Finished: Line of Scrimmage
    Started: Waynest: Enlevée

    Second day and already i'm loosing a little interest... oki perhaps it's due to the book i picked, i've started the one in french and i'm not enjoying it as much as i hoped in fact i'm reading it slower than line of scrimmage whicjh is really surprising. I've done more than half already though so i will be able to finish and change the kind of reads soon. I was also quite busy so i didn't had that much time so reading part of the challenge: good

    For the others goals, since i've already done 2 challenges i prefered to pass the one for today and instead take that time to read and commenting, i did comment on 7other participants which is good , some i knew already and some i discovered yesterday thanks to the linky. i'm really happy with that side of the readathon

    Number of pages I've read today:215
    total pages : 767
    Total number of books I've read:2
    Books: finished: Line of Scrimmage/ Waynest: Enlevée

    Midnight isn't far away so i will stop for today... i didn't finish all what i hoped to do but it's still quite good. I did finish the book in french but i really didn't feel like writing the review so it will be for tomorrow before i can start on something else. I liked reading but i needed the little gardening time i took, my flowers needed to be put in a bigger pot and it's was really grounding..; i always feel at peace after taking care of plants.Not sure what i will start to read tomorrow i will se when i will be ready.

    I did spend sometimes on the TBR challenge^^;; i do have one of course but deciding which one have a priority in it it's really difficult since i keep changing them of place in it but it was fun. I also managed my comments goal by checking 5 posts today ( oki more but commented on 5 only)

    Number of pages I've read today: 0 (yes i know couldn't do worse)
    Total number of books I've read:2
    Books:finished: Line of Scrimmage/ Waynest: Enlevée

    Today i was quite depressed after an event that happened in the morning, nothing dramatic but it took me down and i didn't feel like reading so i scored 0 page  ( let see the positive, i still have 3 more days to improve). Since i had written the review i needed to do really ealy it was done ( ouf at least something^^) and i comment but less only 4 participants posts.

    I also worked on another of my goal the "rak" one, not finished far from it but i was asked a new design and after numerous attempts i think i finally came with something i like. i will try to work a little more on it this week. And i did one of the mini challenge like you can see below)

    Mini Challenge: My book road trip ( show the state/place you want to visit and find a book that takess place there or where the author lives or is from)....seems simple but why it can't be^^;; i nearly never remember where a book takes place so i needed to check and thus less reading time ( arf ) but it was fun so here is where i want to go ( and i have the books cited except those for Newyork,Wales and ireland ( oh and canada i only read part of the series as of yet)

    New orleans: Elysian Fields by Suzanne Johnson ( that one is so easy after reading this series it's a dream!)
    New York: ( so evident since i'm dreaming of attending BEA one day) Vampire King of New York by Susan Hanniford Crowley
    Chicago: Twice bitten by Chloel Neill ( or anyother book from the chicagoland vampire series^^)
    Atlanta: Magic bite by Ilona Andrews
    Italy: Cascade by Lisa T bergren
    Wales:  Storm Warrior by Dani Harper
    Canada:  Women of the otherworld by kelley Armstrong
    Ireland: haunting beauty ( mists of ireland1) Erin Quinn

    Number of pages I've read today: 38+98+?
    Total number of books I've read: 2books+2novellas
    Books:finished: Line of Scrimmage/ Waynest: Enlevée/ Secret Rendezvous/ The Cajun's captive

    End of the week and it starting to show, i wasn't feeling well today, didn't feel like eating at all but i did make an effort and to get back on reading i followed some other participants suggestiosn and i added novellas, i'm really happy to said it worked since i've already read two of them( perhaps more since i still have tiome before sleeping but i prefer to start making this update already ( i can add what i finish after so better to do it when i'm not too sleepy.

    I did comment but only on 2 participants today not a lot but my eyes are tired ( or with a small infection) so i got some medecine to put in it and thats sadly means less time in front of a screen .,And by selecting the novella i did, i completed part of my goal. i also remembered to post a review ( yes i was writing them but forgot to post...that's all me at the moment), i will have some in stock for next weeks it seems^^.
    I did participate in a new challenge, which was fun ( but i'm perhaps too conservative in my choice^^)

    Mini Challenge: My bookish Mabs Lips..; first time i try something like this so here is the result:
    part1: list of element needed: books title and authors
    A. Demons hungting in DIXIE by Lexi George
    B. Matthias – Penton Legacy series by Susannah Sandlin
    C. An ARTIFICIAL night by  Seanan Mcguire
    D. The Secret SEVEN by  Enid Blyton
    E. The MOONSTONE and Miss Jones by Jillian Stone
    F. Jean Lafitte from the Sentinel of New Orleans Series by Suzanne Johnson
    G. The Empress of ICE CREAM by Anthony Capella

    part2 final result:

    Help! I'm being held captive in Dixie, by Matthias!
    It is very 
    Artificial here!
    He is demanding 
    Seven  Moonstonesto set me free!
    I have just discovered that 
    Jean Lafitte was captured too!
    On second thought, please send 
    Ice Cream(s), and don't worry if you don't hear from us for awhile!
    Much Love,

    Number of Pages I've read today: 56
    Total number of books I've read:2books and 2 novellas
    Books:finished: Line of Scrimmage/Waynest: Enlevée/ Secret Rendezvous/The Cajun's captive
    started: Discount armagedon

    I had to let my eyes resting to fight the infection so i didn't manage to read as much as i wanted but i did start a new book that i hope to finish before the end of the read a thon. i also managed to participate in the daily challenge and i commented on 5 bloggers post so i'm quite happy!
    Now i just have to make sunday better on reading part and it would be a great edition!

    Number of books I've read today:1
    Total number of books I've read: 3 and 2 novellas
    Books:finished: Line of ScrimmageWaynest: Enlevée/ Secret Rendezvous/The Cajun's captive/ An artificial Night

              Oki for today i will try to make my update  progressively like i discovered on another participant's blog ^^ so let's try it. 11am: Mini challenge done ( 5 bloggers i discovered thanks to this bout of books edition. i also commented on 5 blogger posts. now i will try to finish the book i started.7pm...oki i was stupid and i didn't read the back cover of the book i started because i was too impatient, result... i had to stop and put it aside ( was it bad? no far from it but it include dragon and that's the topic for next month)so i changed my book choice and went to another book from the same author and i did finish it, now off to write the review. 9.30pm: review written, one review posted

    Mini Challenge: My participation in this bout of books included commenting on other participants blog but i enjoy this opportunity to discover new blogs and bloggers ( minimun one each day) so i did discover more but since the challenge ask for 5 here are the new bloggers i discovered with a link to one of their update at least^^

    Camila @ Alive or Undead  
    Honey @ Gaga Over Books  
    Valli @ Valli's Book Den  
    Ekaterina @ In My Book  
    Tanya @ Read. Run. Study.  

    Are you participating? Leave me a link to your goals we could support each other

    25 commentaires:

    1. I wish I could be as devoted to reading challenges as you are. I seem to have trouble sticking with them :D
      I do hope you'll do this and have fun as well as clear a bit of your TBR shelf :)

      1. i only pick those low pressure or i wouldn't manage

    2. Good luck! It looks like you know exactly what you'll be able to do and what to do to give yourself the best chance to be successful in Bout of Books 8.0!

      I'm hoping to make it back over here to check your progress!

      1. i've learned my lessons now i just need to put them in action ^^

        thank you for your support!

    3. Wishing you lots of luck, my friend!

    4. Well done on finishing your first book! That's the hardest part out of the way, it always feels easier to read more once you've done that. Good luck for the rest of the week!

      1. i didn't expected to read that one so quickly so while it was a good thing it also make the one si started now seems so slow^^;; but i'm well on my goals so staying zen,
        thank you for coming

    5. That was a great first day! I'm reading slow this time, but really liking Dragon Bound a lot, plus working really cuts into my reading time! ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog! Enjoy your reading this week and good luck!

      1. Thank you!! Dragon boound is great ( but i enjoyed the rest of the series less than the first book)

    6. You are doing great. Keep up the good work.

      1. i'm trying but then i will need to read a little today because so far, nothing^^

        thanks for coming

    7. I honestly admire the fact that you still read books in FRench. My mother language is Spanish, but since I was able to read books in English I barely read any books in my language. But then French is a really pretty language and Spanish not so much.

      Good luck and keep it going!

      1. i do hope to be able to read in Spanish you know^^ i'm learning it but i still don't have teh level ( i took a manga to start with^^)

        i'm reading what? 90% in english at least but i do try to keep up with french only the boosk are more expensive and not translated quickly enough so it's not always motivating ( but they are great french native author i need to discover^^)

        i will try to keep up yes, thank you for the support

    8. Thank you for visiting my blog :-) You are doing such a great job - you've read a lot of pages! Keep up the great work :-)

      P.S. It's so cool you understand French! I wish I could read it :-)

      1. french is my native language so i have no merit, you can still learn if you want^^ ( i've learned english just to be able to read my favourite books without having to wait 1/2years for translations so it's a great motivation,( now i adit that to find good original book in french it could be more difficult^^)

    9. I wanted to do the I Spy Challenge. Found only 1 word from the list. Haha. Dont think I am doing it anymore. Have guests over. Haven't done any reading today, either. :/
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. (:

      1. I didn't even try the I psy challenge^^ it would have taken hours i didn't have but i plan to try it later

        ^^ one day without reading is nothing if we don't give up so let just do better^^

        i'm glad to have found your blog^^

    10. I would love to read a French book too. I know very little but I hope to learn enough to read some of favourite classics in its orginal language. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

      1. I would recommend to start first with a book you have the english version too so if you hesitate or are unsure you can compare ( started likle that and it's effective)

    11. here is a link to my blog its for my updates for bout of books also please look around ive completed all the challenges and my goals i wrote out at the beginning are in there own blog post. also stay tuned for follow up blogs for bout of books next week with my overall success and reviews for the books i read. http://caitstruelife.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/bout-of-books-8-0-daily-updates/

    12. You've gotten alot done! And I still have my fingers crossed that we will someday go to a convention together! :)

      1. one day yes! and perhaps we will even be invited ( less fees always good^^)

      2. Definitely! That would be so much better! :) RT's going to make me go broke!