vendredi 2 août 2013

July Wrap Up


July has been a sunny and really hot month and that has impacted my reading schedule... normally we have at max 25°C but we had weeks above... and up to 38°C so i got a little lazy when i couldn't breath properly^^;;
Now it has been a good month  because i did try to take some times for myself and i will do the same in august to enjoy it while i can but i did manage what i wanted and i did get some books... i can only hope August will be as good!

Books received:

    For review:
Transforming Love by Debra Smith you can see my review Here
Awkward Holidays by Kallysten which was reviewed here


*Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance by Penny Reid From Brianna on The Book Vixen as part of her 2013 birthday extravaganza giveaways ( and it's signed!!). Thank you so much once again

* The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook  won from Heather back in June  in her 3rd Blogoversary giveaway event  on  Buried in Books . Thank you once again!

*Claimed by Rebecca Zanetti from Lucy , it was won in may but missent, fortunately i did receive it! thank you Lucy 

*A pack of contemporary romance ( Line of Scrimmage/The summer he came Home/The Look of Love) from Francesca and the girls from Under the Cover book blog in their Summer Bash Giveaway....and as you see one of those is a sport romance ^^ really great no? a new author to discover!  Thank you so much once again

Mafia Secret: ebook from Brenda at Crazy Four Books , it was even better than what i hoped Thank you Brenda as always you were right about my tastes^^

None.... it was the sales i hoped to find some books for me but with the weather i had to stay inside and when i went everything was sold already or nearly.

Birgit from The Book Garden made my day by sending me a box of books from her shelves, if you remember she was the one who helped me discover chick lit romance last year thanks to a contest. Now i got a genre i'm fond of YA!! Some complete discovery ( books and authort) and some i really hoped to discover so thank you once again a lot!! ( she even added some earrings so i'm in paradise!!) I hope she will enjoy her package as much as i did when she will receive it.

Hunted, ebook by Ellie Fergusson.

I forgot something or someone , sorry!

 Reviews done and posted on the blog

In English:
A good month, i've managed to do what i hoped without forgetting the challenges i've entered.

En français:

 Parce que je ne peux et ne veux pas oublier mes lecteurs francophones

 Half year is done so where i'm in my goals for the divers challenge i've entered so far:

 For the sport Romance challenge i've entered 8/12 books so since i got several other books that qualify for this one i'm moving to level 2

For the TBR reading Pile 2013 challenge i've entered 39 books already so i guess i will aim for level 4: 40books

I've read 7/10books so i will try to finish this one even if it had been suspended ( perhaps cancelled)

i aimed for 3 books and entered 5 so success

In this challenge we must read a book with a specific kind of creatures which change each month and until now it's a success, topic for July was witch/wizard, interesting topic i had several books that fit this category but i only read 5 this month ( +2 others topics). So a good month but August's Theme is less apalling to me

None received 
Send: two but you will see that on the specific wrap up

Did you have a good July month? Lot of Sun? Full of books?

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  1. Gosh, I haven`t done more than four reviews in July! I`m just too lazy to write one, I`d love to just dictate my thoughts to someone and write them down. Or post my notes, but there would be no order ^^

    1. i took longer than usual to write them ( except a few that just went like music)but it's nothing ^^ we deserve to enjoy our holidays too

  2. Oh wow, you won lots of books. I'm jealous ;)

    I hope August goes well for you.

    My Wrap-up

    1. When i compare to some who can make a book haul per week i'm jaleous^^ so i'm glad when i can make one per month and yes i did won but as you have read some are prizes i won months ago ^^