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A Kiss of Blood (The Pacts 1.5) by Kallysten

Hello to all,

                       only a few hours left before September but i wanted to finish on a positive note ... today is the release date of a new novella from Kallysten and it's really a sweet one that i loved so i didn't want to wait.

Publisher: Kallysten
Publication: 2013
Genre: paranormal romance, sweet romance
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 16+ (but the rest of the series 18+)
Source: ecopy received in exchange for an honest review

Short description from goodreads :

 All Deidra wanted was a family.

Instead of a husband and children however, fate gives her a Sire, a clan, and a village she is sworn to protect from beastly demons. It also gives her Tristen, who teaches her what it means to be a vampire—and what it means to love.

When her duties to her village conflict with her Sire’s orders, she has to choose which part of her family is the most important. And Tristen, confronted with her disappearance, also needs to decide where his loyalties lie.

My opinion:
          When I was offered to review this book I admit I hesitated a few minute, I do love the author’s writing style, it’s romance and with vampires so why the hesitation? Simply because this short story is part of a universe described in a series with already 3 books released… I do prefer to read series in order and I was afraid I would miss something… However Kallysten assured me it was s stand alone and that having read prior books wasn’t needed so I gave it a try and I’m so glad I did!!!

So far it’s my favourite of her writing! You get a complete story despite it’s a short one and you do have an excellent understanding of the universe and of the vampires in it. We learn how they have made pacts (thus the series name) with humans exchanging blood for protection and how some selected villagers become recruited to join the clan. Because these vampires are foremost warrior fighting demons an when chosen to become vampire you cut all ties with your native village, you still speak for it but that’s all.
The relations within the lair are quite free because vampires there are caught they don’t love so they choose companionship.

Now the situation isn’t as simple either and we discover this universe  with Deidra eyes as she is selected and learn to live as a vampires… for her humanity is still fresh in her mind and she does have feelings… she starts doubting what she was told and Tristen responds to her feelings albeit more timidly . He teaches her, protects her and loves her even if he doesn’t say it. When Deidra’s village is destroyed she doesn’t accept her sire‘s decision, she is feeling guilty and decide to leave the lair, when Tristen isn’t there, to keep her promise: to protect the village’s children.

Once he learns about her disappearance, Tristen ask for the right to leave. He want to find her, to tell her what he is feeling and this story is so sweet, a little inspiration from sleeping beauty in a way but so, so moving!!  I really loved it and it could definitively make me want to try the series (though it won’t be a sweet romance then).

Oki there are little detail that made lift an when Tristen judge Deidra “master ‘stuff”…. I can admit she could grow into one, I can see she has the right mind for that but it’s too soon…between the two Tristen is more a master, he is older, he has the knowledge and the experience…so I can understand him becoming her partner, he loves her so a ruling couple for the new pact in a sense oki but I don’t see him submitting to her…. The change of time in the story can also be abrupt sometimes but  all of that drops from your mind quickly to leave you with a huge feeling of happiness.

If you are looking for a sweet ( so sweet) romance, a short story with a happy ending to make you smile ( if not shedding a tear of joy), you love vampire but don’t want a steamy read for a change.. then try this stand alone! It more than worth it!!

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer/ Source: a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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  1. Contente que ça été beaucoup mieux que prévu. J'avoue que j'ai aussi un peu de mal à être attirée...

    1. c'était vraiment une belle surprise mais je sais que tu as déjà enormément à lire donc peut-être que c'est mieux d'attendre que cela soit gratuit pendant un jour ou deux pour te laisser tenter^^

  2. Wow! That's really impressive for a short story. I still need to give her books a try. I've got two of them so just need to find the extra time. Will have to do that soon. Glad you enjoyed it so much Miki!

    1. i'm too emotionnal so a sweet romance so cute i couldn't resist ^^