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Ward of the Vampire by Kallysten

Hello to all!

                  The weather is really strange... a few days ago it was 17°C...sunny a perfect day ( though too warm for the season that's true) today only 6/8 grey and rainy  if it stayed like that i wouldn't mind too much that's more normal but tradition oblige... our "carnaval" always has bad weather, always so it starts tomorrow ( long  days and nights without being able to sleep well in persperpective... perhaps more time to read at least at the beginning) .. and guess what..; yes the weather will be colder with perhaps even snow ( they forecast freezing up to minus 4)^^ strange tradition but at least we are not surprised.
Now that being said i'm still in my happy mood , staying positive only one week left before my birthday ( it has been long since i have been waiting impatiently for that day^^ not sure what i expect but we will see).

 Today i will give you my opinion on a novella, first on a new series, called " Ward of the Vampire" by Kallisten. I discovered this author during a blog hop and she was really kind and open, she is also doing a lot for the prevention of Breast cancer so when she asked for some bloggers to review her new title i jumped on the occasion and i don't regret it.

If you want to discover this author, she has a lot of titles on smashwords and several free so you can try her and if you are tempted by this new novella it's a mini price ( but if you can't afford it it will be free on kindle (i think) for a day only...1st April. No joke but a gift^^;;; to make you more impatient for vol2 that will be released soon.

Happy reading!

Publisher: Kallysten
Publication: 2013
Genre: paranormal romance
Violence: none

Language: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: received in exchange for an honest review

Short description from goodreads :

It’s THE party of the season. Socialites, artists and A-list stars have been invited to Morgan Ward’s birthday bash, including Angelina’s boss, Delilah.

For months, Angelina has been looking at the preparations from afar, but never did she imagine that, come the day, Miss Delilah would put her in a gorgeous gown and bring her along as her ‘plus one.’

Wandering from crowded room to crowded room in the sumptuous mansion, Angelina grows overwhelmed and escapes onto a balcony, only to find it occupied by her host. That first meeting leaves her struggling for her very life, but she soon gets an unexpected do-over.

Meeting Morgan Ward for the first time all over again, Angelina finds herself falling into his arms… But is it all only a fantasy?

My opinion:
          It takes a little time to get into the story since we see it from Angelina and she is confused about what happened. However the writing style is excellent and I loved it; I mean we really get to understand Angelina’s feeling.   I loved to see the 2 versions of what could have happened and I wonder if it was really only her fantasy. Once we are in the story, then we just want more and we are really interested is what happen with enough mystery we have to guess what is real, what is compulsion etc to keep us on our toes.
Now I must admit it was really too short to my taste, I’ve got so many questions like Ward speak about a replacement but for whom? How Ward could change the compulsion and does it want to change it?

Morgan Ward intrigues me, he can be rude and arrogant but still he saved Angelina’s life without any hesitation. He seems irritated to have her but he is honest enough to try to explain what is happening. As for Angelina, part of me is glad it was fantasy because it seemed too rushed for me especially after the first meeting but she is trying to understand and doesn’t give up and I like that.
Delilah…. Arg I want to strangle her, I can’t understand why Angelina want to stay loyal to her….or even think about it. I hope Morgan Ward will teach her a lesson.

It’s a promising novella but I’m really glad we will get a following story and soon because I don’t like cliffhanger and even better: I want more of it!

Want a short novella with romance, mystery and having to wait for more ^^ then I recommend this^^. It’s also a little funny and you shouldn’t be disappointed ( no, just impatient^^;; for the next instalment)

Score:  3/5

Disclaimer: Source: a copy in exchange for an honest review, no other compensation was received.


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  1. Our weather is all crazy here too Miki! One day beautiful and warm the next we're getting snow. It just can't make up it's mind!

    Sounds like an interesting new series. I like mine a little longer too and not with the cliffhangers. I think I'll wait until there are more out to try it :) I do like the sounds of the hero :)

    Oooo and happy almost birthday!

    1. ^^ At least for this Wk i knew for long teh weather was going to be bad... oki i wasn't expecting the 5cm of snow that were there wxhen i woke up but still i'm not surprised like i said it's a tradition sort of^^ i need to check the protection of my plants though i don't want them frozen.
      i'm not found of cliffhanger at all so i understand you at the same time this one finish without one too hard so it was oki^^;; The hero is really interesting i'm glad part 2 will be out in may ( and i hope without a cliffhanger)