vendredi 1 mars 2013

February RAK Wrap up

Hello to all,
                   Welcome to my  2013 February RAK wrap up post. February hasn't been an easy month for me since i've been quite sick. i haven't completly recovered yet either so  i took  a little longer to create the RAK but i'm glad i managed to send a few even if they aren't all arrived yet ( if they arrive in a few days i will add them here if not they will appears in next month wrap up).
Just to be cautious, i've already took some contact for March after all that's my special month i hope i will get lucky ( even more now that for half month TBD offer 10%off from everything) but i don't want to think only of myself so i will send several RAK .

Also  i took note of several people that put in the form they were interested in handmade rak so i could try to prepare a kind of schedule for me^^ so even if you did already, if you want one  don't hesitate to write it in the form or in the comment.

In February I received: nothing but it doesn't matter, i was told i was going to get something for my birthday so i'm patient.

and in February,  i've sent :
( note: i don't take picture of the Rak i create before sending them so it's only if the receiver made one i can use that i will add it here so this post will perhaps be edited later to add some)

A handmade personnalised bird keychain to Maija from Books, DIY's and Randomness  ( took quite some time to get the special addition but i'm so happy you love it ^^ it was worth it in the end^^)

A handmade  white tiger bookmark  to Stella from Ex-libris ( Sorry it took me so long to send it, i hope you like it^^ ; i'm not well enough to make such a design for a little time so i can only hope you are not disappointed)

A handmade cute kitten bookmark to Katrina from Kindred Dreamheart  (So happy you love this first kitten ^^ and i'm glad i didn't cause any trouble with any sorority, once again Happy Birthday )

A handmade cute baby polar bear bookmark to Sarah from Escaping through Books  a little in advance for your birthday since we share the same special month ^^. Enjoy and i hope you will get a fabulous special day.

So Did you participate in RAK this month? How was it? You can let your links in teh comment if you want. If you have never participate, are you tempted to?

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