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Storm Force by Susannah Sandlin Episode 1 and 2 ( review and discussion)

Hello to all!

Today is the release of the second episode of Storm Force, the new book of Susannah Sandlin released first as a serial.

Like I told you I can’t resist this author’s books so I have to share it with you ^^, but it’s my first time to review a serial so I’m a little unsure about how to do a review of it. After thinking a lot about it, I’ve decided to try something different that I hope you will enjoy.

I will give you when possible a small summary of the episode, my opinion so far (without spoilers if I manage) and I would like to ask you some questions to start a little discussion each time.
Now I do hope these posts will make you want to get the kindle edition and join the fun but even if you are not reading the book as of yet please feel free to join the discussion I will always try to put at least a general question (linked to the story but since it will ask your opinion not a right answer you can answer without prior knowledge of the story)

If you want some info on this book and the link to buy it please go to my promotion post here

So this week you are lucky because you get my opinion on book 1 and 2.

               Episode One: We discover Kell, an ex ranger from the US army, who is the chief of a new team constituted of military and shifters. This is a newly built team and each of them still have to adjust but they got an important mission. In Houston a bombing has destroyed a building and its surrounding causing several death and the governor is unaccounted for. Worse, the anonymous call has let it know in high place that there could be a new repetition of this in New Orleans two weeks later…. First Suspect is Mori, head of a environmental group until now know for his pacifism. Kell has to divide his team to investigate in both place but he didn’t expect to be distracted by Mori.

Episode 2: Kell is starting to believe Mori Innocent but he knows she is keeping a secret and that’s troubling him… he wants to save her but he admits that his feeling could be speaking. He must fulfil his mission and for that some means could be put to use even if he doesn’t like that.
 On her side, Mori is starting to react to Kell even if she knows it’s not possible for at even more after the bombing and the police investigations. Worse, she discovers that the situation is worse that what she feared with all her co-workers on the line now…she has some decisions to take.

My opinion:
          As you can see I couldn’t wait any longer and I had to read this..; I can’t tell you how happy I’m to have been able to read two chapters in a row because it’s really excellent and I do read quickly when I love a story so as you can imagine it was just matter of minutes before I was done. It’s really an addictive story that will get so many emotions out of you.. I love Kell.. he is suffering but he doesn’t want it to be known.  Though that part bothered me a little because it’s shown he still doesn’t trust completely his team but it’s understandable after all it’s a new team and his ego has already taken several blows so he is trying to hide one more weakness and only his friend Nick knows about it like Kell knows his secret too. I do hope he will reinforce the trust in all his team mates but that can take time. I do love how honest he is , the way he admit his pride is suffering from the shifters comparison makes him so realist and human. The way he interact with Nick is a proof how dedicated to his friend he can be and thoughtful of their need too.

I love how Susannah manage to describe so well the nature as well as the intense event like the bombing, both are a different genre but I really felt like I was living in them and it was peaceful at a time and terrifying at the other so it was really well done.
Mori is an interesting character, we still know quite little about her but we can already see how independent she can be and how she is willing to fight for what she believes in. She is suffering and she has many troubles but still she think about other first and I liked that about her. Ifound strange she knew about shifters but at the same time her first thought when she see the eagle is “mechanical one”. I do dislike her family already and I hate Michael how is so arrogant and *arg!* I hate him! Taylor isn’t far behind either.

 Now we know little about the other characters, members of the team, yet but I do feel compassion for Nick, his powers is as much a gift than a curse and he has a good heart so it must be really hard for him to protect himself when he want to help so much.
Robin is so funny, she like to tease Kell but I think she understand Nick better than the humans think. I’m curious to see if they relation will move to something more series.

I’m glad the publisher decided to do a weekly release instead of a biweekly one even if I regret the pressure it means on the author’s shoulders because I really really want more.

Score:  4,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review

So the question: 1)since it still happening in some place in the world.. What do you think about traditions imposed to the children? 
If that happened to you (or has happened) how would you react?

2)Do you think a man must hide his weaknesses or acknowledge them? What do you think about imperfect heroes?

For those who read the story: a)What do you think Mori Is. 
b)What do think about the fact that the male is human in this paranormal romance?

* Please keep it friendly and if you want to answer only some of the questions and not all please feel free to do so, it just a way to exchange on the book together nothing more. Thanks*

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  1. Aw yay I'm glad you're enjoying it Miki and you got to read two sections of it!

    I love an imperfect hero who isn't afraid to admit to his weaknesses. I don't need them perfect all the time. It's just not realistic and the imperfections can really make them endearing and lovable :)

    1. all the kindle suscriber will get episode 2 sometimes today ( though the time isn't clear^^). i must admit that it was a good thing i coulsd read them in a row ( and i'm sure to reread them before episode3) but even if i had to stop at episode one the author manage to stop the chapter at a perfect place not too much not too little you can easily wait a little for me... but it's really addictive^^;;

      you could really enjoy this one Anna. Kell is really lovable despite trying to look big and strong ^^;;

  2. So glad you were able to get to it so soon. :) And that you loved it! :D Great!

    1. Yes, i'm feeling lucky. if you get an opportunity to read it jump on it, it's really worth it

  3. I did get my copy of episode 2 last night. Was very anxious to read it but had to wait until NCIS was over. I don't think the arrangement made for Mori by her parents is at all appropriate. They did that for their own good with no regard to her at all. Thinking maybe she will get out of that before the story is over. After the little cliffhanger in episode one we still don't know what Mori is. As there are several kinds of shifters in this story so far, what Mori is will be a surprise. Tease. I think it's fine that Kell is human in this situation. Men just like to hide weaknesses.

    1. NCis i can understand^^ For Mori i was suprised... sem like the grandfather was the head and against that idea so it's a little difficult for me to understand if the parents did it behind his back or if Mori's opinion of him was biased... because if we follow it look likes it's just for money and i hate that idea

      Mori xcould also be something different than a shifter^^; ( i though about chenoire , then elves ( i don't know why it make me think of trent a little)so many possibilities

    2. Had not thought of something other, good idea. I still think shifter, so far we have eagle, cougar and jaguarundi shifters. I think the big clue is that she took her clothes off. We will see.