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The Darkest Edge of Dawn (Charlie Madigan2) by Kelly Gay


 I won't be long because i really need to be resting, this winter is a little too long and too harsh for me. Sometimes life is strange... i wanted to take a book that wasn't entering a specific challenge (apart the 2013 tbr reading pile) and i nerly forgot what this series was about...Anna told me sometimes ago that i shouldn't stop at the first book that it was just getting better in the next one so i decided to take this one from my shelf... as soon as i started it i remembered all book 1 and that this series does have fae in it so it was good one for this month ... so i did read for pleasure AND for the challenge for once ;) ( but i really need to pick some books i just want to read without having a reason to do so)

Enjoy Reading!

Publisher: Pocket
Publication: 2010
ISBN:  1439110042
Genre: urban fantasy, paranormal, romance
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Short description from goodreads :

 It takes a strong woman to keep the peace in a city of endless night. . . .
Deep beneath Underground, a cunning bid for power and revenge has begun—one that threatens to make Atlanta the new battleground in the ultimate confrontation between good and evil. The powers of hellish Charbydon have the upper hand after plunging the city into primordial night. And under the cover of darkness, a serial killer targets the most powerful Elysians in the city, the angelic Adonai. For Detective Charlie Madigan and her siren partner Hank, tracking deadly predators is all in a day’s work . . . but this case will test the limits of their strength and friendship as it draws them into a deadly world of power plays, ancient myths, explosive secrets, and a race against time that risks all that Charlie holds dear.

My opinion:
         Globally, I enjoyed this book more than the first one; this series still isn’t my favourite but I do want to read it without waiting so long.
It was really an enjoyable read and in this book we get new creatures like nymph and a dragon…I guess I’m in a diversity phase because I really prefer those to the book on one kind of paranormal creatures only. I enjoy seeing the alliances, treaties, conflicts between all these groups and how they adjust differently in our universe. I really loved this arrogant but loyal dragon, druid and also ruler. I hope we will see more of him.

Kelly Gay manages to create a really good story with each book so far having its own and complete investigations and conclusion while staying in a perfect continuity of the general plot. It’s not always easy to be done but the advantage is that you can read each book without worry if you have to wait for the next one even if you really want to read it and continue following those characters you are not left hanging.

Now, that Charlie knows what has been done to her she is showing some changes, some that terrifies her other that can seem useful. For example she is starting to see sometimes a few seconds in the future, can see invisible things or under glamour. The trouble is she isn’t mastering those news “gifts” and when she is needing them the most for healing for example she has trouble concentrating. I loved to see her discovering them and how she was affected but those. Her daughter is also proving to have inherited special talents whose she is keeping secret from her mother.
I really loved to see more of Hank and learning little bits of his past… still a lot of secrets yes but we see another side of him and the romance is heating up quite a lot in this second book. This time, Hank confesses his attraction but even if Charlie is sharing it she is trying to avoid admitting it and succumbing to it….though Hank isn’t the kind of siren to give up. I also enjoyed to see more about his powers, thing I regretted in book 1 where the siren’s part was nearly off immediately, this time we get to see how his “voice” influence his life and relationship with other sirens, why kind of powers he has without his voice and what is linked to that specific powers.

We get to learn more about Brym and the “ash” drug from book 1 too so the primary plot thickens, seems like the Adonai  have some embarrassing secret, one real enemy makes himself now etc. In the same time, we get the investigations about the adonais ‘murders which constitutes the main plot of this book. Solving this mystery gives Charlie clues to solving her main goal: make the darkness disappear from the city. And we do learn a lot even if a large part is still speculations.

 This is really an excellent dark urban fantasy and I recommend it to lovers of this genre. I can’t wait to jump on book3

Score:  3,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


Do you get sometimes the feeling that you don't read what you really want to? That the pressure in the selection of your books is too strong?

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  1. This is one of those series that I have to pick up one day. There really is not enough time! :) Besides, the Chris McGrath covers are beautiful.

    1. The covers are really fitting yes... as for the time the problem is teh same for every one so many things to do so little time so we can only cherish what we have;)

  2. I'm really liking the ones that have multiple types of creatures too Miki. I don't know why but those are appealing to me more and more lately. I need to get back to this series at some point. I've been reading a handful of dark books lately though and am needing something light and fluffy soon. So not this one!

    Did you just have a birthday? I think I saw that. If I missed it Happy Birthday! I hope you get to rest a bit the rest of the day!

    1. Thank you Anna. It was saturday my birthday and thanks to some message by email i did feel special for once. Now it's already night here so i really need to go but i wanted to post the review first ^^;; ( at least i was feeling well on my birthday, i got that reprieve;))

      If i find one with a lot of different creatures and light i will let you know. i admit that at the moment i have more dark books ( seem normal when fae are concerned)to read but i also want something lighter so i will definitively let you know if i find that pearl^^

  3. It is a dark UF. I think every book is better and better with the sides of the worlds we see. But the last one is dark. I'm looking forward to the next book to come. :) Hope you enjoy the next book as well.

    1. i love it and yes it's dark but i don't think it's too dark at least for me at the moment.i do hope i will enjoy it too^^

  4. I don't read any adult anymore, but this sounds good. Thanks for sharing about it.