dimanche 16 octobre 2011

Why do i fancy books?

Hello to all,

                    in the context of a giveaway , i'm going to try to tell you why i fancy books.

For my books are a wonderful creation. They can help you dreaming, travelling, learning and s o many things. I mean you can always find a book to suit your mood or to help you. There are always something new to discover.
For exemple, when my father was sick it was a really hard time for me. I had to be everywhere to help my mother, i put my studies entre parenthesis and the worse was that in a way it wasn't my father anymore...his personality was totally changed and he kept saying hurtful things.  I couldn't leave but i couldn't do anything more either. At that time i discovered Patricia Briggs and mercy Thompson... you can't imagine how it helped me even if i had only the time for a few pages each day. Mercy was courageous and  didn't giveup so i was felling i couldn't give up too.

For all my life books helped me to overcome difficulties by making me more courageous, by helped me escape reality for a short time....when nobody was there books were. I love print book as much as dislike ebook...why ? because print book have something  that put me at easy, it doesn't hurt my eyes and they are warm. I like to odor of paper and ink it makes them alive.
For that really i can't never throw away a book, it's too criminal in a way for me.

That my answer, perhaps it won't help you but at least it was my honest answer.

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