mercredi 19 octobre 2011

Review A Family Affair by Karen chance

           today i'm giving you my opinion on a short story " A Family Affair" by Karen Chance

Genre: Paranormal
Editor: Karen chance - Freebie
Sex: none
Violence: mild
How i got this book: free download

Summary/ description: This is a novella  from the univers of Cassie Palmer's serie set between Curse the Dawn (vol4) and Hunt the Moon (vol5) so it's cointain spoilers from books 1 to 4.
It's not a spin-off more a side story and this novella is centered on John Pritkin.

Story: John Pritkin is still protecting Cassie from everybody when his father appear to give him a capital mission like a test to prove the pythie neutral. Not having the choice, John "ask" Casanova to take care of Cassie while he is doing the mission solo and secretly.
As always,  when the new pythie discover the truth and following some troubles she decide not to let him do thing by himself and go to his help.

That's quite short i know but since i must avoid a lot of spoilers and this is a short story,i had to be direct.

Style: Karen Chance offer us somes bribes on the past of Pritkin and his family while maintining all the charaters well constructed and true to themselves. Adventure are humor are the principales ingredients of this novella and we don't miss a beat of the action.

My opinion: I absolutly love it. It was fantastic read, nothing missing, new discovery action and humor a wonderful time even if it was short.Casanova show some interest and did you know he was possessed by a female spirit, so funny . Cassadra is also starting to show some qualities in politic while mataining her personality.
A must have, but after reading book 4 of the serie, as a stand alone the humor would be lost i thing. Aven better: it's free so go ahead and enjoy

Score : 5/5

Download for free on Karen Chance's Website or on Smashword (all formats)

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  1. Oh my goodness, I'd never heard of this before! I love Karen Chance's Cassie Palmer books and I LOVE Pritkin. I'm heading off to download it right now - I'm so glad I saw this review! :-)

  2. i'm happy i was able to help you then^^ and we can hope for a second short story about Pritkin next year^^ ( i can't wait)