lundi 26 février 2018

Dalig Hund Wolves series book 1&2 by Emma Alysin

Hello to all!

Today i'm sharing with you my opinion on two novella by Emma Alysin taking place in the same universe as the author is releasing them again ( changing the order among other things)...there is a change of covers too and to be honest if the new ones may reflect more on the story i really prefer the precedent ones so it's those i will show you.

Happy reading

Mated to the Enemy Alpha

If you are looking for a erotic paranormal romance short story this is one for you.  Don't expect romance as there quite a bit of  non consensual scenes ( wolf's part agrees as their are mates but it's no romance just instinct)
it's not bad written and quickly read.

The main plot is light the heroine goes in to get revenge and instead find her mate and they do jump on each other too quickly to my taste i think it could have been better if the story was longer and if they took their time but since it's a novella all is a bit rushed.

Taken by the Werewolf ( Dalig Hund Wolves 2)

First, better to let you know that this short novella takes place around the same time as  "Mated to the Enemy Alpha" and not just after so some events are seen in both story but from a different angle.

It's a paranormal erotic romance but i appreciated that it was less violent ( the steamy parts not the story as itself) even if there is more dirty language involved. It's a very steamy one, way too short novella , for example i would have loved if we knew a bit more about what was happening to the sister after so the end is kind of abrupt.

Globally i prefer this story as we get to see a bit more about the pack law, habits etc from this universe and i loved the characters more.

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