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Mississippi Blood Cake ( Southern Psychic Sisters Mysteries 2) by A. Gardner

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 Since today is St Valentine i decided to share my opinion on the last book i fell in love with. Really i asked to review it because it was a genre and a setting i loved but i wasn't expecting such pleasure so while you eat some chocolate.....

Happy reading!
Publisher: Gardner Books
Publication: 2018

Genre: paranormal cozy mystery
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 16+

Description from goodreads :

 The Greene sisters are back in this witchin' new series from USA Today bestselling author A. GARDNER!

Kill 'em with kindness . . . or just kill 'em.

A simple act of southern hospitality pulls Ember Greene into a murder investigation when she finds her new neighbor, a vampire exec at Corpse Corp., dead. And the mysterious wound that killed him points to someone she least suspects.

The coastal town of Misty Key is in a frenzy with the annual craft fair approaching, a ghastly remodel at the Crystal Grande Hotel, and a Peeping Tom haunting the streets at night. But with the family bakery struggling to stay afloat, Ember doesn't have time for gossip.

Until her friend is framed for murder.

To save an innocent soul, she enlists the help of a bloodhound named Yogi and her sister who sees the dead and uses her psychic gifts to snuff out the real killer. Something isn't right in the magical world, and a trail of clues leads her to another victim – one with a secret worth dying for.

Can Ember catch the murderer and save the family bakery?

Book 2 in the Southern Psychic Sisters mystery series! A light-hearted cozy mystery featuring quirky small-town characters, magic, and recipes. This book does not contain cliffhangers, graphic violence, gore, or profanity.

My opinion:
          Fabulous!!! I loved this paranormal cozy mystery...really it was read in one sitting and  i'm just wanting to read more now. The story is great well paced and  great bonus (cherry on the cake) i didn't guess all what was happening in the first chapters. No , there are a lot of twists and so well written that you keep being surprised until the end so this one is definitively a favourite.

I guess i should explain a little more, this is the second book in the series but you can jump in the wagon without worry of being lost. Ember is a seer with the power of numbers...she is born in a seers family so her sisters and mother also have powers but each one has a different one , like Stevie the oldest who see the this universe Seers are seen as mediator between aside from a mundane job to have funds to live they must work free for the greater good...Ember works in the family bakery- as far from the oven as possible-but when her neighbour is killed in strange circumstances and one of her shifter friend is being accused she must discover the truth and quickly but vampires dead or alive are not the most cooperative being.

I loved to see the relation between the sisters and how different they are, Ember is really cute and i loved the fact she was not perfect , far from it even. She is loyal and still learning her gift so i really admired her.I would also love to learn more about Stevie, her gift isn't the easiest and as single mother she must even have harder but still she is smiling and cooking fantastic cake to make other happy. Aqua is the rebel one and she can be funny but i most loved the dog Yogi. Thad is funny and i definitively want to learn more about him too.

This is the perfect book if you want a cozy mystery with paranormal element set in the south so i recommend it without any hesitation while waiting for book 3!

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

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