mardi 6 mars 2018

Six Feet Under ( Kenni Lowry 4) by Tonya Kappes

Hello to all,

I guess that by know you know how i love a good book by Tonya Kappes....i haven't discovered all her series yet but those i did start got me addicted i'm really hppy to tell you that in the next 2 months we will get not 1 but 3 new releases and i will happily give you my opinion on those so get ready.

 Today i will tell you a little about Six Feet Under the 4th book in the Kenni Lowry series that release next week so you have time to go on a binge reaéds to get up to date^^.

Happy reading!
Publisher: Henery Press
Publication: 2018
ISBN:  0373277210
Genre: cozy mystery, southern
Violence: mild
Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 16+

 Description from goodreads :

 Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth. And let me tell you, this broth is in trouble. Get ready for a Southern showdown.

The residents of Cottonwood, Kentucky are sent into a tizzy when the Culinary Channel comes to town to film an episode of Southern Home Cookin’ with celebrity chef Frank Von Lee.

Especially Sheriff Kenni Lowry.

Her mama’s award-winning chicken pot pie is what brought Frank to town, and they don’t make hair in the South bigger than her mama’s ego after the news.

When Frank Von Lee is found dead from food poisoning and the most likely culprit is Mama’s chicken pot pie, Kenni’s poppa, the former sheriff, comes back from the Great Beyond to assist in the investigation.

But nothing’s prepared Kenni for such a personal tie to a case, and she finds herself pushing the limits of the laws she’s sworn to protect.

This book’s so delicious it’ll make your mouth water and leave you hankerin’ for more.

My opinion:
          I love this series, as well as every book by this author, because really so far you can't go wrong picking one when you are looking for a cozy mystery well written and with humour enough that you will leave you  smiling long after you close the book.

Kenni has really a strange mother who isn't giving her any reprieve how she can be really supportive yes but most of the time it's embarrassment and complications...
This time a famous chef is coming in search of participants for a cooking reality show and Kenni's mother has been selected which means nothing can stop her now. She goes as far as doing some cosmetic treatment to be at her best.....however when the ghost of Kenni's grandfather reappears it sadly means that more gruesome events will occur and when the famous chef is found dead with what looks like her recipe near, Kenni mama is the top suspect.

Even if Kenni is sure of her innocence , this investigation will move her quite a bit and i loved to see that, she isn't perfect but she is doing her best and we love her for that. Let just say that Kenni will have more than she can chew but also it will show her true friends ( and some new hobby perhaps)

Really i loved it! All was there: the touch of romance, the great investigation with lot of twists and the great sidekick ( really who can resist Duke^^) and the humour to  balance all the rest; it was a great book

if you want a excellent cozy mystery don't miss this one! Can be read as standalone but you would appreciate it even more read in order.

Score:  4,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

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