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The Million Dollar Gift by Cheree Alsop

Hello to all,

 I hope you had a great Christmas or whatever you celebrate. I enjoyed a quiet meal with my family and i can tell you that i'm really grateful for it.

There are only a few days left before New Year and i will try to take a little time for myself but not before completing my 2012 goals so i continue my discovery of the holiday romance subgenre but today i will change a bit and speak about a contemporary one instead of a paranormal one^^ no worries  the rest of the year will be back to holiday paranormal romance ( mixing several favorite things is so good^^).

Thanks to Ali Cross i won this book to help my discovery of this subgenre and i really loved it so here is my opinion on " The Million Dollar Gift" by Cheree Alsop

Happy reading and happy holidays!

Publisher: Cheree L. Alsop
Publication: 2012
Genre: contemporary romance, holiday romance
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 18+
Source: won (thank you Ali)

Short description from goodreads :

 When Chase risks his life to save a brother and sister just before Christmas, his life becomes entwined with theirs more intricately than he could have imagined. Emotional and moving, this is a story of a young man whose troubled heart is tested by the one thing he is unprepared to face, love.

My opinion:
          When I won this book, I hadn’t started my discovery of this genre yet or I only read one book  so I loved the excerpt I saw and the description but I didn’t know what to expect.  Let’s say that the description doesn’t do justice to this excellent story… it’s really emotional and more than moving. You will need tissues at several moment but Cheree managed to write a wonderful story that can’t let you unfeeling, unmoved.

Chase had a sad life and ended being on the street  when he isn’t thirty, he also has some troubles with gangsters but when he heard Clara’s cries for help the hesitation was short before he went to help even if he just been severely beaten minutes before.

Clara didn’t expect to be aggressed when she went out with her little brother; she even less expected to be saved by a stranger covered in grim and blood. However, she can’t let that young man alone on the street, in the cold after what he has done and seriously injured as he is so she invited him to her family’s home even if she know nothing of him except that his name is Chase.

Chase didn’t act to be awarded anything, he just did what his heart told me, so he is a bit surprised by the way he is invited and welcomed in Clara’s family without questions or doubts despite his appearance.  He doesn’t feel at his place, still hurt he thinks isn’t worth their kindness but the family keeps being kind to him and attentive and soon he can’t leave them especially Clara. He didn’t believe in Christmas since a long time but their joy and generosity overwhelm him and he is starting slowly to heal body and heart by living with them. Slowly he also opens himself and we discover the reason for all his suffering and I cried for this little boy so alone and hurt. We really can understand him thanks to that. The relationship he gets with Daniels, one of the boys of the Clark’s family who has withdrew in himself since the death of his best friend is lovely described and the words sound rights. They learn from each other, each one being in a way the answer the other was waiting for…; a wonderful message of forgiveness and faith.

The romance is there slow and true, growing as Clara and Chase learn about each other and spend time together. They are obstacles, tragedy and sometimes I got the impressions that fates were really against Chase, since it seemed so cruel but everything fit, has their reason to arrive so even if they are sad parts I really enjoyed this story and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to discover it.

To recommend but if you are really emotional like me, don’t forget  to keep your tissues at hand

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review

This book enter in the Romance and Me Challenge

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