mardi 4 décembre 2012

A Fantastic event and giveaway

Hello to all,

 Today has been a good day for me, the weather has been more clement ( even if starting tomorrow it's freezing again^^) and i'm happy for several reasons. One of those is that the bloggers' community can be more than welcoming.

I'm following several blogs and even if i'm sometimes hesitant, shy to comment i follow very closely those posts and i appreciate the blogger(s) behind them.
One of those is Anna from Herding Cats & Burning  Soup  she is kind and very attentive to her readers and followers. It's her first blogoversary in January but she isn't waiting next year to share her passion with us. During December she is hosting a special event called "Authors for the Holidays" one month of interview, guest post and giveaways ( several international ones)... yes a whole month : 31 authors and so many discoveries to make so don't hesitate to go and participate you won't regret it Anna is the perfect hotess you will see.

So far you can meet Vanessa Kelly,Tes Hilaire and Kieran Kramer but remember they are a lot more to come, each day a new author so go check this fabulous event and have fun.

You have the full planning here , now you just have to join us.


2 commentaires:

  1. I wish my French was better so I could comment more here! Google Translate does a horrible job, especially when I know just enough French to see they aren't saying it correctly. It's just been too long since I wrote it and I'm horrible.

    Ah, bien. Il fait froid aujourd'hui. Je vais vous lire toute la journée.

    1. ^^ don't worry you just need to practise a bit to improve after it's what i'm trying to do with my english.

      i have more review in english than french so far and perhaps there will be a bit more in french this time but i won't forget my english readers^^