samedi 29 décembre 2012

2013 Challenge part 2: " Sports " romance reading challenge


 Like i just wrote, i've decided to select which challenge i enter and to be cautious about those choices but since we aren't in 2013 yet  i can wait to apply this resolution fully. Anna is a blogger that i really appreciate and she decided to host a "Sports" romance  reading challenge... i find the idea interesting even if i'm not sure i own the books that counts for this challenge, i will check or try to find some but i want to support Anna with her first challenge she is hosting so i enter even before checking^^;;!

Now, like nearly all the challenge, i will start low and here the first level is " The Tailgater" and in matter of books it means 6books read during the year.

So if you want to join the fun  here are the infos and rules as stated by Anna (Here)

The deets:
  • If you'd like to join in the goal is to read at least 6 "Sports" Romances in 2013 but you can read as many as you'd like!
  • Everyone's welcome to join! You either need to have a blog or Goodreads account to post your progress/reviews (both are FREE, if you need help setting up let me know)
  • The challenge begins 1/1/2013 and ends 12/31/2013. Yall can join up any time though!
  • There will be a post the 1st of each month here on herding cats & burning soup for you to link your reviews in for the the month. 
  • Books can be used in other challenges and ones in other challenges count here too as long as they're sports related!
  • Reviews in languages other than English are fine :)
  • You can participate each month or here and there :) Just have fun with it and stop by when you'd like!
  • Feel free to grab our button and add it to your sign up posts, blogs, reviews, etc
The Books:
  • The books don't have to be all about sports :)
  • Just a hero/heroine that is an athlete
  • Need some ideas?  Check out these Goodreads lists...
  • Can be ebook or print, Novella or full length, stand alone or part of a series, PNR/historical/contemporary, etc.
  • The sports: Auto racing, baseball, football, hockey, soccer, running, biking, etc. They're all fair game :)
Challenge Levels: 
  • The Tailgater:          6 books
  • Sports Lover:          12 books
  • The Die-Hard Fan:  26 books
  • Total sports nut!      52+ books

The Prizes: 
  • I think we'll do two giveaways with the event. If enough people join in and are linking up maybe a couple more!
  • There will be a 6 month giveaway
  • And a grand prize giveaway at the end! 
  • Each valid review you link up will count as an entry in the giveaways!

To Sign Up: 
  • Fill out the linky sign up below with your info!
  • Make a post about joining the challenge on your blog (or if you don't have a blog on FB, etc)
  • Let us know you're joining in!!

Are you interested? Join the fun!

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  1. Yay Miki! You're the best :) I'll be posting all of the free sports books I come across through the year so hopefully that'll help a bunch of us too :)

    Happy Reading and thanks so much for joining in on the challenge!