lundi 31 décembre 2012

2012 challenge Wrap Up

Hi everyone!

              in a few hours, 2012 will be history as we welcome 2013, full of promises. However, to have a fresh start i want first to close my participation in the challenge i've entered for 2012.
Let's see how i did, some books counted in several challenges

Romance and Me Reading Challenge hosted by Stella from Ex-Libris

This one of those i prefered because it made me discover new genre and authors i wouldn't have dare otherwise. I'm really proud to affirm that i've completed the challenge by trying a different subgenre each month, sometimes with more pleasure than others but i've become fan of several new authors ^^;;
Some month i participated less ( life being what it's and also depending if i had the books of the subgenre in question) the minimum i did was 4 but sometimes i went up to 20 ^^
It's another challenge i would be very happy to try again.

2012 TBR Reading Pile Challenge: 10 hosts

Despite some trouble with the organisation, i managed to do better than expected. At first i had entered for level 1: 10books, i moved up the level  and in the end i read 91books for this one.  Completed
I'm happy to try again in 2013.

Challenge Romance paranormale organisé par Nastasia

The only french challenge i've entred ( but english books and reviews were accepted- ouf-)- completed with 45 books

Reading Romances Challenge 2012:

Another one, fun challenge, the topics were really diversified so i learned a bit with this one too^^ Completed
I got 15 entries for this one so statut:  Completed ^^

Completed with 25books/novellas

I also entered lesser challenges and i did the level i wanted ( even if i didn't necessarily added the links in the linky^^;;)

So i can tell that i'm really happy about my progress. Did you participate in some of theses too? how ddid you do?

Happy New Year

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