samedi 31 mars 2012

March Wrap up


           The last day of the month so time to see if i've respected my planning and the answers is yes. I've exceeded my expectations.

*Contemporary romance reading challenge: I've read 10books so it's great and even if i've read others books that weren't of this subgenre my concentration was more on it like i told myself i would so success

*River of time serie: i've got you the reviews on all the books and novella so far: success

*Read a minimum of 1 book for the TBR challenge 2012:  i did 5 => success and with that i also reached the level 2 so i move up to level 3 A sweet Kiss ( 21-30books)

* Participate in the RAK event: i did 3 and didn't receive answers for others so: success ( wrap up in the next post)


* I have signed up for the Reading Romance challenge and i 've read 5 books that entered in the March 's topics => success

* I've attended my first Chat with authors and readers, for the blogoversary of Reading Romances. It was great , the ambiance formidable and the authors kind and even more but i will be more attentive for the time zone differences because i can't stay awaken after more than 3am without consequences. ( Normally at 10pm i must be in my bed ^^;;)

* I've received my second request for review. * happy dance* and posted said review

In the end i can say that i did good this month even if it wasn't really the month i hoped it was still great. The good exceeded the bad so i can be happy.

I hope you will have a great week-end

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