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Distracted ( Women of Eaton book1) by Madeline Sloane


          i'm happy to introduce an author that once again, i've discovered thanks to a blog hop and i was lucky to receive the first book of her trilogy called  Women of Eaton book 1: Distracted.


Publication : 2011
ASIN: B004JN057M
Genre: contemporary romance
Violence: none

Langage: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: ebook received from author in exchange for an honest review

Short description from goodread :

 Stephen Spence is just another assignment for Erin Andersen, a D.C. book editor who specializes in motivating authors. Spence has missed one too many deadlines, but Erin doesn’t think its writer’s block. She thinks the media darling is self-absorbed and lazy, spending too much time partying with bimbos on his boat.

Erin travels to his Outer Bank’s home for a writing-intensive workshop, but Spence has other plans. He’s sailing to the Florida Keys for some undeserved R&R. Determined to keep him on task, Erin has no choice but to work as crew aboard his luxury catamaran. Her mission to keep him on track is next to impossible because this sexy guy is easily distracted.

Fun in the sun is fine, but Erin has a job to do and it isn’t getting done at the beach. She whisks Spence away to her family farm in Eaton, Pennsylvania, where she can control the situation. Or can she? To her dismay, Erin learns distraction is contagious and the foolish compromises she makes are costly.

My opinion:

          Great book and quite funny, Erin was the one to keep Stephen on track and she completely succumbs to his life’s style. I spent a good time and even if I know absolutely nothing about boat that wasn’t a problem at all.
Erin is a woman that isn’t sure of what she wants. I think that she is so afraid to be alone that she accepts anything. She still lives and sometimes shares the bed of her ex because it’s facile and sure?! Who is that sure when she left him because he was sleeping around? Also she gives in to quickly for my tastes in Stephen.  I don’t really appreciate how she acts. She isn’t sure of her priority either.
Stephen is a playboy, gentleman sometimes, jerk another ^^ but when he decides to seduce a girl, I’m sure it’s not easy to resist.
However, even if Erin isn’t the type of character that I love; I was immersed in the story and that means something.

The plot was well done and I enjoyed seeing the consequences of their actions and how it takes some months for the story to come to its conclusion. It’s a story that I liked and I’m happy to inform you that the last book is free at the moment in ebook even if you can get the whole trilogy at a small price ( always ebooks) but paperback version are also available.

To recommend to romantic lovers who want a short but good time with happy end.

Score:  3,5/5

If you want this book you can buy it On amazon or on Smashwords

You can find more informations on the serie and Madeline on her Blog

Source: a copy in exchange for a honest review, no compensation was received.


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