jeudi 1 mars 2012

March: the planning

Hello to all of you ( again ^^;;),

 This month is very special for me. It's my birthday month but also the" Carnaval" in my city  and as often the "Carvaval" is around my birthday (16th) and with a lot of repetition before. Why i'm telling you this? Because it means that i will be a difficult month for me. The carnaval was one of the only occasion when my father took some time just for me ( cathing oranges, dancing and going to the Kermess ( = a fair?)) so it's the moment i miss him the most and this year seems more difficult than the last one because i'm crying since the first repetition. I'm really emotional...

Also my health being a bit better i will start again the school/university so that means studying and a lot since i've missed 3months!

That doesn't mean i won't read ( quite the opposite if i want to think about something else) but perhaps i will post my reviews several the same day and none during the following one or something. It will depend on how i'm and i can make any promise.

However since i want to do the things right, i've decided to do a short planning to help me to stay focused:

* Concentrate on some contemporary romance for the Challenge Romance and Me ( i'dont have a lot of physical books but perhaps i will find more before the end of the month)
*Concentrate on the River of times serie ( i love it and with the new novella soon available i want to share my opinion on it with you)
* Read a minimum of 1book for the 2012 Challenge reading pile
* Participate in the Random Act of Kidness -my sign up post here-
*If it interest someone, i can try to find pictures of the Carnaval and make a post  ( if someone asks that's it)
*.... ( at the moment that's all i can think of but perhaps i will add something later)

ps: If you are asking yourself why i'm speaking of the Carnaval in MY city , it's because in Belgium there are several ones and the carnaval take place the Weekend ( more exactly Saturday: children and Sunday to Tuesday the real one). The season of Carnaval starts Mardi Gras with the Big Carnaval of Binche but during several month there will have carnavals in different city and my city has always her Carnaval at the " Laetare" ( i was born during the Carnaval) this year it's the 18,19,20th of March.
Oh also the different carnavals can be very typical and diffrent city from city.

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