samedi 31 mars 2012

March RAK Wrap up

Hello to all,
                   second wrap up of the day but so important. I've participated in the Random Act of Kindness this month again and i've so happy with this experience. Tomorrow, normally i will post my sign up post for April, you can participate too!  but first i will share with you what i've sent and received this month.

March being my birthday month i wanted to share the love so i started to send also handmade gifts, i don't take pictures of those but if the person to who i sent it takes one and accepts i will add it in this post. They are each time different so it's really personnal thus the questions i ask before starting them)


To Amy from The Lady's book stuff 
Hold Me Closer, Necromancer ( Hardcover)
( I hope you get better soon, all the best)

1 handmade Bird Bookmark to Tynga from Tynga's Reviews
you can get a look at it here in her vlog post

1 handmade Pegasus Bookmark to Cait from Escape Through the Pages

Second grave on the left by Darunda Jones (UK)

Normally, i will receive something else but since it's not arrived yet i will add it next time. Anyway a big big thanks you to all of you who thought of me. I really appreciate, i don't have strong enough words to explain how i feel when i open a package you sent.

I'm really happy to have made some people happy and smile so full power for April with at least one RAK already planned.

Again a big thanks you to Booksoulmates for hosting this wonderful event

See you soon  and don't hesitate to share the love of books!

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  2. Thanks for stopping by my RAK wrap-up! Enjoy your book and have a great next month! :-)

  3. Oh that sounds like a good one! Hope you like your new book! Happy RAK! :D

    1. Hi!,
      i like this book yes, since i've discovered darynda jones i was intrigued and wanted the book. I was afraid of a cliffhanger in book one so i was waiting book 2 so i'm really happy

  4. Loved the cover of Second Grave on the Left! I may have to check it out what the book is about and it may end up in my wishlist :)

    Murphy's Library

    1. Hi Maeva,

      Second Grave is book two so better start with book1 (cover in the same style) The Us cover are really different. It's urban fantasy/paranormal/ romance a detective who speak with ghosts and a demon ( not a little one ^^ the son of the big boss) is in love with her ^^.

      I'm sure i will enjoy it^^

  5. How awesome to get some swag! Great books there also!
    I hope you enjoy your new read!


    1. Perhaps you will receive some one day ^^;; i think that after the bookmark i will try the keychains too